Sources: Apple is acquiring music recognition app Shazam

As Spotify continues to inch towards a public listing, Apple is making a move of its own to step up its game in music services. Sources tell us that the company is close to acquiring Shazam, the popular app that … Read More

This AI tool by Nvidia is capable of making fake videos which look quite real

Nvidia continues at a rapid pace to acquire the most advanced tools in Artificial Intelligence. The California based company, globally renowned for making graphics processing units has recently developed an AI capable of creating images and videos of people and … Read More

Samsung buys another AI company as it continues to build out Bixby

It’s true that Bixby didn’t have the most auspicious of debuts when it rolled out on the Galaxy S8 earlier this year, but Samsung’s clearly got big plans for its smart assistant. Late last year, the company picked up Viv, … Read More

CEO Tesla Elon Musk predicts that AI will be the terminator for human race

Elon Musk, CEO of the famed electric car manufacturer company Tesla is famous for his futuristic claims about the world and technology. He seems to be scared of latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, as he calls it “seriously dangerous”. Although … Read More

Apple could use machine learning to shore up LiDAR limitations in self-driving

Apple has a new paper published in Cornell’s arXiv open directory of scientific research, describing a method for using machine learning to translate the raw point cloud data gathered by LiDAR arrays into results that include detection of 3D objects, … Read More

AI Explained

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Skype launches Photo Effects – sticker suggestions powered by machine learning

Not content with merely launching its own take on Instagram and Snapchat’s Stories, Skype today is adding another copycat-like feature to its app: photo stickers. The company says it’s introducing new “Photo Effects” (as it’s calling these stickers), which include … Read More

Album+ organizes photos with A.I. that runs on your phone, not in the cloud

A new iOS app called Album+ is taking advantage of the increased A.I. capabilities and GPUs in modern iPhones to help people better manage their photos. The app’s features are similar to those found in something like Google Photos – … Read More

Sony announces a new Aibo pet robot dog

Sony just announced a new Aibo pet robot dog. The Aibo pet dog is a popular product from Sony but the company stopped making it a decade ago. Now the company has announced a new, more advanced version of the … Read More

No, iPhones don’t have a special folder for your sexy pics

It’s understandable when things change as fast as they do these days that it takes a bit for our ideas of how things work to catch up to how they actually work. One misunderstanding worth clearing up, since it’s so … Read More