WORKERBASE industrial smartwatch

WORKERBASE offers the first smartwatch specifically designed for industrial use with manufacturing apps connecting to an IoT backend.

Videotest Krusell Gaia (Apple iPad)

Videotest der Krusell Gaia in braun für das Apple iPad. Mehr auf

Tuning in HD : Umbau Apple iPhone 4 Backcover weiß transparent

Umbau (Tuning) des weißen Apple iPhone 4 mit transparentem Backcover. Mehr auf

Videotest (Testbericht) Apple iPad 2 (iOS 4.3) mit SmartCover im Vergleich mit iPad

Videotest des Apple iPad 2 mit iOS 4.3. Mehr im Testbericht auf

Review (Test) in HD: “Siri” auf dem Apple iPhone 4S von

Videospecial zu “Sir”i auf dem Apple iPhone 4S, Spracherkennung und -steuerung. Mehr auf

Stark Mobility hands-free electric skateboard

Stark Mobility offers high-quality electric mobility solutions.

iOS 11 First Look | What’s New and Different?

We installed iOS 11 at WWDC, and found that there are a lot of changes, both in interface and at the system level. These are our first impressions. _ For the latest in mobile reviews and everything tech, visit … Read More

The technology industry needs to think more seriously about device addiction

Mobile programmers have the ability to build software that provides deep layers of penetration to the end user through sophisticated targeted notifications. Consumers with their chosen apps, have hundreds of notifications turned on and thus are brought back to their … Read More

Apple has a history of choosing cash over startups

Apple has more cash than any other technology company on the planet. Yet, to date, that hasn’t translated into spending on acquisitions. Over the past five years, Apple has spent the least on M&A out of all the “Big Five” … Read More

Apple iPhone 4 Weiß Review: Schick, Schick!

Kurzvorstellung in HD: Apple iPhone 4 Weiß. Testbericht: im Twitter: auf Facebook: als RSS: