Women of color at tech companies are few and far between

Thanks to an analysis of EEO-1 data by Reveal News, we have a clear picture of just how many women of color (Native American, black, Latina, Pacific Islander, or two or more races) work at major tech companies. When tech … Read More

Samsung partners with Google to work on Augmented Reality with ARCore

Samsung has recently announced its partnership with Google to bring ARCore framework in its smartphones. The project ARCore aims to focus on the compatibility of smartphones with Augmented Reality. Now, this partnership has enabled developers to design ARCore apps that … Read More

Now fancy features in smartphones dictate market dominance

Huawei recently introduced an AI-based system on the new Mate 10. This AI system uses “machine learning” to recognize what is being photographed. In simple terms, the new AI helps the camera adjust automatically depending on what it is being … Read More

Crunch Report | Snapchat Halloween Costume

Crunch Report | Snapchat Halloween Costume 11 minutes ago by Khaled “Tito” Hamze This ultra-cute tiny PS4 controller is a great option for children and the small-handed 3 hours ago by Devin Coldewey MongoDB prices its IPO at $24 per share 3 hours … Read More

Snapchat Halloween Costume | Crunch Report

Duo Security raises $70 million, a close look at Apple’s self-driving car, Snapchat’s Halloween costume and Abu Dhabi’s state fund is doing business in San Francisco. All this on Crunch Report!

Apple’s Project Titan self-driving test car has a lot going on up top

When one self-driving technology entrepreneur highlights the efforts of another company working on autonomous vehicles, you pay attention: That’s what happened with Voyage co-founder MacCallister Higgins, who tweeted a short video of the top of Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ test Lexus … Read More

Apple and GE announce deep partnership

While Apple has had its share of enterprise partners in recent years including IBM, Cisco and SAP, today’s announcement that it will be working directly with GE feels a bit different with the two companies more closely intertwined than in … Read More

Microsoft already published a KRACK fix, Apple and Google are working on it

Security researcher Mathy Vanhoef publicly disclosed a serious vulnerability in the WPA2 encryption protocol yesterday that affects all devices that use WiFi. While we’ve listed many ways to protect yourself against KRACK, the best way to completely eradicate it from your network is to … Read More

iPhone 7 is reportedly outselling iPhone 8

The Older version of iPhone, iPhone 7 is reportedly selling more than the recently launched iPhone 8, claimed KeyBanc Capital Markets analyst John Vinh. Although Apple has not released sales numbers for iPhone 8 which was launched at the end … Read More

Apple responds to Senator Franken’s Face ID privacy concerns

Apple has now responded to a letter from Senator Franken last month in which he asked the company to provide more information about the incoming Face ID authentication technology which is baked into its top-of-the-range iPhone X, due to go on … Read More