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So Capcom has partnered with iam8bit to re-release Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior for the SNES (Super Nintendo/Super Famicom). This is great news and I wish I got my hands on one, just make sure your 26 year old SNES hasn’t been submerged in water for a quarter of a century, cause if it’s in rough shape it could cause a fire. Subscribe To ReviewTechUSA for more great content!

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Street Fighter II (30th Anniversary Edition)
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  1. hgs25

    However, if the cartridge catches fire. Capcom is still liable. If a SNES malfunctions, that's not on Capcom.

  2. Casey Decker

    I'm actually able to play my old SNES games on consoles such as the Retron 3 and FC Twin, so how would the SFII cartridges effect them in any way?

  3. bane dragon

    Make sure it works or get a retron or other hardware clone

  4. Ferris182

    What game is Rich playing in he background?

  5. BobbyM747

    While everyone else scrambles to get an SNES Re-release that will only have 100 copies, I will happily make my own SNES Emulation.

  6. michael anthony hilario

    Geez I hope nobody is buying  this cartridge

  7. Tristan Taesa

    But is this version close to the arcade or is it duplicate of the previous street fighter II for SNES? Because, two versions look very different.

  8. inlovewithi

    Rich needs to look into things a little deeper before making videos, feels like he just grabs the mic and starts talking. The reason is not because the SNES might not be in good condition due to its age, or because it has spent the last 20 years unused in a damp basement. He just totally imagined that and came to a conclusion as if it was fact. The reason why it might catch fire has to do with a problem that many flash cart have, where they are made to run on 3.3v, while original cartridges were made to run on 5v. It's a really unacceptable design flaw by a major company. I understand how such a design flaw is possible from a bootleg Chinese company, but Capcom?

  9. Ryan Stoned

    I played this enviously at my friends house and my dad's on the weekends back in the day. Something about it really epitomizes the early 90s.

  10. miliboy0522

    What game is that?



  12. PlumbDrumb

    watch "barntendo" and behold the most disgusting console. I would never flip the power on something like that, or even plug it into the wall. They are wise with this disclaimer.

  13. RetroSteve

    what game is he playing?

  14. Qoostewin Sch'Kuen'Te

    This is a FCC fail……..

  15. Soul Fist

    that street fighter commercial was hype

  16. Cat and Six Gaming!

    I OWN Street Fighter II for SNES? Why should I want something I can't play?

  17. sonic sega

    i went to walmart and got some paint for 5$, now i have a super ultra rare street fighter 2 chunli blue and gold edition. bitches

  18. Ryan Green

    Don't have a S.N.E.S. but have a retron 5, the glow in the dark one is awesome!

  19. Shahmir782

    What if we use this cartridge on a third party snes console which emulates the cartridge???

  20. Corrosionred

    Street Fighter 2: The Mixtape

  21. voltz15

    Maybe this whole trend on discussing incorrect voltages in repro-cart pinouts caught on?

  22. Belphegor666Iam

    Btw, you can still find original boxed Street Fighter 2 copies, they probably cost insane $$$$, but it's a better choice if you want it as collector item and to actually play it on your SNES.

  23. xellos metallium

    And this video is why I'm done with Nintendo and will not be buying anymore of there products.

  24. Belphegor666Iam

    It sounds to me they're talking about the cartridge itself causing the console to catch fire. It makes sense, they probably used modern components that aren't fully compatible with old SNES consoles.

  25. SixtyFPS GAMING

    They need to start making the old consoles again

  26. Nate Joe

    For all of my games that are fighting only has Killer Instinct that's because it was free and I barely even playing

  27. Nate Joe

    My whole game is only got one fighting game that's cuz it was free and that was Killer Instinct with Games with Gold other than that I have no fighting games I do want the Dragon Ball Z game that's coming out fighting games I'm not into

  28. Nate Joe

    Sorry I like Super Nintendo with don't really care I'm not even into fighting games no more I wouldn't want it anyways if it was available

  29. BigOnAnime94

    Capacitors also eventually have to replaced, so that could be another thing they're referring to. Also ironically the reason the SNES turns yellow is because they tried to make it fire-proof, and the mixture for the plastic was not very good.

  30. drawingablankesq

    damn, I didn't even know this was happening.

  31. King Of Atlantis

    You should do a video about "cucumbers" called reviewcucumberusa feat Ralph

  32. King Of Atlantis

    Richie??? Want to suck my cucumber??? Lol its me Ralph

  33. oogrooq

    5th grade? No way. this dude is like 55

  34. YankeeSpirit

    You mean: Don't whizz on an electric fence

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