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Superior news has arrived. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will have long awaited stereo speakers.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is slated to be released in MWC between Feb 26th and March 1st.

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  1. Sam Elaustraly

    IPhone had this 2 years ago

  2. LBee

    I know that you are happy Saki about the stereo speakers…I'm happy for you!

  3. Aaron Hainan

    Finally!!! (And about damn time might I add lol) The speaker of the S8 is complete πŸ’© compared to pretty much every other phone on the market these days…
    Soooo looking forward to this!! 😊

  4. Goddess_Hylia_Zelda

    Note X will be my next phone, currently have Note8

  5. Kevin Washington

    If the Note 9 has stereo speakers and fingerprint scanner underneath the display, put me on the board………….YES!

  6. panatha tube

    That's great news indeed!😍

  7. D-Mac MacDaniel

    I thought the S9 was only coming with a single camera but with two different apertures listed this has to mean dual cameras on both S9 & S9+

  8. Dee Black

    This is good news

  9. Kim Bridge

    I am so excited s9 plus for me baby

  10. Fair Human

    Fantastic news. One more reason to upgrade.

  11. Fahmi Nagi

    Is the galaxy s9+ gonna have a memory card ?

  12. Christopher Delcastillo

    Samsung is king of smart phones

  13. Krissy McGann

    Yessssss stereo speakers!!!!

  14. Syed Zaman

    rubbish if its battery 3000mah

  15. Rajeswar Rao

    Waiting for note 9

  16. Nilesh Ghayle

    Stereo speakers are must. But I'm not sure about F/1.5 aperture on the main camera. Actually photos captured by existing galaxy phones are already brighter compared to other phones like Pixel.. Bigger the aperture, it's difficult to balance exposure in low light condition as well as in daylight. If aperture is this low, Samsung needs to really improve their photos processing software for balanced exposure.

  17. Jarron Davis

    I have a S8+ and wasn't going to upgrade to S9, but now of it's true I might bite the bullet. Under glass fingerprint sensor isn't a must have for me.

  18. Kingz Leez

    I'm going to wait longer for the note 9, right now have s7 edge

  19. Tim Grossen

    Yes this stereo speakers change is important, especially as I remember when HiFi stereo began and speakers, not from earbuds or having to wear headphones.

  20. Derek Drummond

    People are gonna be pretty pissed off if these rumours all turn out to be bullshit, who are they gonna blame. Can't blame Samsung until release if features everyone wanted aren't present. I hope all the goodies are present and correct plus some features or design aspects that nobody had any idea were coming. COME ON SAMSUNG , SURPRISE EVERYBODY !


    SamsungπŸ‘‘ fans 4 life…

  22. Brian M

    That is totally fake unfortunately. Samsung does not use terms like "Super Speed" and Super Slow-mo..that was possibly made up by some 15 year old kid. Plus Samsung would quote the fps number on slow motion. It's an obvious fake so I would not get too excited about the specs here.

  23. Chester Foster

    My iPhone X might have some competition. I have been using the iPhone X since launch and my God it’s an amazing phone. I’ll definitely be checking out the S9 +

  24. Derek Drummond

    I'm gonna call fake on this. The description is to vague for Samsung. I doubt they would say selfie camera or super slow mo. If anything they would put front facing camera and 1000 fps super slow motion. The back of my S8 box doesn't even mention Knox as it is supposed to have been discontinued in favour of the secure folder app.

  25. Veronica Otero

    I love it I am definitely going to buy the S9+.

  26. Muhammad Awais

    didn't Samsung discontinue KNOX .. which makes this leak little suspicious …

  27. John Martin

    Saki you are the Man!!!
    You have answered my question about the speakers! It is nice that it is confirmed by you before any one else that I know of, keep up the good reviews and videos.

  28. Mustafa Bircan

    Does anyone really care about stereo speakers? Does a real music fan listen to music via speakers? So what??

  29. Maria Elena Cabrera

    Thank you Saki. This makes me very happy. It gives me hope that the Note 9 will have stereo speakers as well. With this and the finger print embedded in the display…… Wow!!!

  30. Dave Dj

    They need to bring the IR blaster back I miss that feature on my note 8,but that's a nice move.

  31. MI55ION

    About time…. good news!

  32. Aditya Singh

    Hey saki is your note 8 running on Android Oreo

  33. Pretty Boy Flizzy

    When you do comparisons add the longevity of devices cuz Samsung phones are short term phones

  34. Danny Cartagena

    I have the note 8 and i always skip 1 generation so the 9 series wont see me… waiting on the 10… i always believe that every 2 years is when u see a significant motive to go for a new device! Besides 2 years is quite sometime to enjoy this phone.

  35. Ethan Smart

    Damn. Whelp I'm sticking with my s8+

  36. Steve Bachochin

    Waiting for Notes 9

  37. Gurunath Subramaniam

    I hope it will not have any battery issues

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