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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will soon be available. The official release date is between Feb 26th and Mar 1st. We have a lot of rumors and leaks regarding the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, so let’s see if it can topple the iPhone X which is the current flagship from Apple.


S9 might have stereo speakers:

S9 release date and specs:

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  1. القرعة

    no one can kill apple products. iit's already dead


    The S8 and plus Note 8 and Pixel are all better but Apple fans will never change their thinking and that’s fine with me.

  3. Owen. Salisbury.

    I don't like Apple is non customizable trying to be like Android.

  4. my volks

    Are you driving an s4?

  5. Sylvain Alain

    The S9+ will be an Apple X killer for sure , but not the S9.

  6. Sylvain Alain

    Which model of Audi are you using in that video ?

  7. Pretty face

    What car do you have? It's awesome!!

  8. Andrei Silviu

    Man…even the note 8 destroys the iphx so s9 is more than that…because of stereo speakers and headphonejack

  9. Tyler g

    I think the iPhone X is the best iPhone and when the S 9 comes out it may be the best android. It should be is it better then other androids not iPhones, too many hatters and people who just want to argue something that will never be even until it’s either an all android world or all apple world. They are just too different to continue to have this argument about phone release after phone release.

  10. Bohilas

    When the first argument is that it's better because it is cheaper then i know im dealing with poor ass faggots in the comments section

  11. Goddess_Hylia_Zelda

    People still buy iPhone's cuz they are stuck in the Apple Ecosystem and that is why and also iSheeps

  12. mike hardwick

    Apple has the best operating system than Android ,they also have a very big following, so of course sell more phones which makes them very rich

  13. ZeZZeX -

    I think the iphone X and this apple battery fiasco will find alot of apple users looking for other options. My son hates that the iphone no longer has a fingerprint scanner. My wife hates that apple is throttling the processer and when it is upgrade time, they will both be looking for other options.

  14. Troy Kirchner

    I have a question for you
    What would you like to see with the Note 9

  15. L.A. Garza

    simple… iPhones have better resale value & there’s a reason for that. Samsung might be the better looking phone but Apple’s IOS dominates in performance. Android phones, in my experience, always lag & their software updates are rare.

  16. Derek Drummond

    Things move so fast in the mobile industry ,if you launch early everybody sees what you've done then looks to beat it, if you launch to late it's old tech. The S9 will be a killer till some crappy $500 Chinese phone comes out with fuck all features, near stock Android and zero animations more ram and everybody says it's an S9 killer cos it opens apps 0.25 seconds quicker. Yes 0NEPLUS I'M TALKING TO YOU.


    Hey Saki
    Thanku so much for your videos
    We get to know each and everything about mostly Samsung Phones in details,
    Keep helping us with your tech videos
    By The Way which car do you own 😅

  18. Qualified Game Player

    The S9 will be better than the IPhone 10

  19. Johnny Palacios

    Homie is rolling in style. Nice. =)

  20. Ron G

    Every year a new Android phone is called the "iPhone killer" and it never happens. iPhones are still dominant at least here in the US. one thing Samsung fanboys don't seem to understand is that iPhone users don't buy iPhone to do split screen multi tasking, drawing on the screen and all the other things Android phones can do. They know Samsung has more features (some of which don't work well or just plain gimmicky) they just don't care. Samsung hardware is top notch no doubt but they will never match Apple's software experience. That's what people buy iPhones for. Fast fluid smooth easy to use, frequently updated software and the best app experience out there. Add on imessage and FT and Android doesn't even come close. I'm not a Apple fanboy I have both a S8 and iPhone 7+ and yes the S8 is prettier but the 7+ still kills it in performance. Just my 2 cents 😊

  21. Xtreme Gamerz

    Why do u even say IS IT IPHONE killer?
    Every phone is iPhone killer

  22. Dr. Mohamed Ragaee

    I switched to note 8 from I phone 6 last October, after 7 years apple user I switched and i was really afraid of that. But after almost 4 months using the note 8 , I am really enjoying and it was a very good decision. Note 8 and of course s 8 have an advanced technology more than iphone now and very stable software. Apple is very slowly developing since Steve jobs gone till now. I carried i phone 4, 5 and 6 and after 6 i really can't fined a big difference and advance in 7, 8 and 10. Its like they are all the same with a very minimal improvements in camera and processor. Almost with the same shape.
    After having note 8 , i finally feel that I upgraded and have a new phone.
    Thanks saki for helping us

  23. Timi Akinlonu

    If the note 7 never caught fire, then the amount of s8/ note 8 sales will have been way higher

  24. Saulo Ouverney

    I'll keep my Note 8 for sure 😉

  25. Phone Fanatic

    They always say this and that is an iPhone killer, and it never pans out.

    I do think some of the past, same generation Galaxies were superior to same generation iPhones (6-8 series primarily), but IMO the S8 is no iPhone X Killer. Maybe the S8 was an iPhone 8 killer primarily because of design, but not the X. The iPhone was maybe a half generation behind but, the X brought Apple right back into the game and IMO because of the new gesture based navigations and FaceID, Apple leapt ahead a half generation over Android flagships.

    It’s true that the S8 and Note 8 have more features because of Samsung Experience overlay, but personally coming from 7 years of Android, I have to admit that iOS is just overall a smoother and more beautiful OS even if you can’t customize and get under the hood like you can on Android unless you jailbreak. The iPhone X is just cherry on top with it’s refreshing near bezel less design and it’s revolutionary gesture based navigation—it just feels more immersive and overall more fun to use than a home button based UX.

    What it basically boils down to is preference…whether you prefer Android or Apple. They are so different in philosophies like Benz vs BMW, that to outright choose a superior option is silly and futile.

    When people ask me which phone should be there next phone, and most are not enthusiasts and normal consumers so I always point them towards Apple because I truly believe for the mainstream, the iPhone is the better solution because of service and less headaches. If you truly want to harness the power of Android you have to get under the hood and tinker which takes too much time for me these days and is a major hassle. Yes iOS can be a bit boring, but the out of the box experience is unsurpassed compared to Android and even modified Android IMO. iOS just runs smoother and things just work a little better such as the Taptic Engine vs Haptic feedback on Android, or the speakers even before Apple implemented dual speakers.

  26. Vid Mohit

    Totally random thought: you have an awesome narrator's voice. Whenever I hear that "have a fantastic day” it makes want to have a fantastic day lol

  27. jae1k2

    I heard that the S9 has amazing camera specs

  28. Christian Tab

    Saki to me
    Nice Audi

  29. Maria Elena Cabrera

    I love the new intro!
    I think the S9 specially the Plus is going to be awesome but the iPhone X is also a very good phone. They are simply for different kind of people. Android vs iOS. The eternal discussion…….

  30. Vidit Sonkar

    Already Note8 Beats iphone10, You Also Know That Many Tech Youtubers Given Note8 Smartphone Of The Year. Yea, of Course S9 Would Be The iPhone10 Killer And Far Superior Than iPhone10

  31. Endy

    Even to this day android can’t get over how awesome iPhones are.. that’s why they can’t stop trying to be an “Iphone killer”

  32. LBee

    The iPhone is a vanity product, it will never be better technologically to the Samsung S series phones. The s9 will have more features than the iPhone X, the Samsung phones always do. And the S9 will be customizable.

  33. LBee

    Those pants!!!

  34. Sander Alphen

    Type in YouTube: "How big is Samsung?" It is one of the biggest companie in the world. So much bigger then Apple.

  35. Chris Bartlett

    Nothing will be an iPhone killer. People buy iPhones. It's not changing. Will the S9 be the better phone? Probably. The S8 and Note 8 are better than the X so I would think the S9 will be as well. Still won't change the minds of most people. 🐏🐑

  36. Jay Hughes

    IPhone name is just a name brand trendy thing. There are many android phones that are better the iPhone in my opinion

  37. ActionsAre Fate

    If you look at the iPhone sales, it’s pretty obvious which device is better.. iPhone > Android

  38. TLR9

    Hey Saki where do you live? Looks like where I’m from, Midwest?

  39. velu deepak

    Actually the S8 had took lead where the launch gap is over 6 months to iphone x …. s8 had many features compared to iphone x …. here coming s9 .. it would probably a better one tha iPhone x …. i have both the phones still s8 is much good than iphone x only rear camera takes lead in iphone x and finally S9 would be the better flagship

  40. Raudhah Hafiz

    Nothing to say, but you're my fav phone YouTuber!

  41. Tony Fernandez

    the world need you be focus when you are driving, please don't do that again, by the way nice car

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