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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will be able to record video at 4K @ 60fps. Some Galaxy S9’s might be able to go even further and record at 4K @ 120fps. Let me show you how and also talk about the release date, specs and design about the the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Galaxy S9 Video with Details:

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  1. That 4 Door Lexus

    The Rumor was the 8895 chip could do 4K@120fps 4K@60FPS would get activated with an update. But thinking on a business level. Why activate this feature when you know that's your selling point on the S9 with 9810 chip.

  2. roderick johnson

    Note 9 come to me now

  3. roderick johnson

    IPhone x was payed to rest with the note 8

  4. Eno Beano

    I am waiting for the s99 that’s going to be good

  5. Aaron Hainan

    Not looking to start a stupid argument, but why is it that Samsung forces Americans to have the inferior Snapdragon processor?
    They aren’t bad chips, but why is it everywhere else gets the Exynos that is superior in pretty much every way, while we get stuck with the slower and less capable Qualcomm chips?
    What gives?
    And (no grade school argument please) why is it that they didn’t make it at least as powerful as Apple’s A11?
    Honestly I could care less that I can open the calculator a few hundredths of a second quicker… whoop de freaking do haha… I want to be able to download and upload files, videos, apps, etc. at least as fast as the Apples can do
    Seems like Samsung and/or Qualcomm missed a normal and intelligent business step…at least match the competition…
    (especially last years competition…) or could we at least have the better Exynos processors? That’s not asking too much is it?

  6. Goddess_Hylia_Zelda

    It will topple the A11 Bionic for sure

  7. Валерий Богданов

    I just can't imagine how much capacity I need to have to record the videos in highest quality. Just why they allow me to record more and more perfect video, but don't give me enough space in smartphones, selling them for enormal prices even for capacity in Gb. For the video quality I can record with a modern phone we should have only smartphones from 512 Gb (as minimum) and more.

  8. UFOs not Religion

    Hopefully it won't be a disposable phone when the screen cracks like my two s8+s

  9. Daisy'sWorld

    So what my Sony XZ Premium records in 4K @ 60FPS and has Slo Mo. Samsung needs to step up their game if they want people to spend 1k or more for their phones.

  10. Momo Ed

    @Sakitech u can purchase the phone unlocked from a Non-US Market and be able to record @ that speed.

  11. wolf hunter

    The exynos 9810 will record in 120 fps

  12. Dara Ea

    That is very nice to have it recorded 4k and more. But it is also a challenge when it comes to editing, software and other things when you use that video to fit what we use or have today to deal with those high end video.

  13. William

    It’s time for me to leave Apple 🍎

  14. Johnny Tang

    The current Exynos in the S8 and Note 8 is already capable of 4K 120fps just not unlocked.

  15. Ben Godenrath

    I don’t understand why Samsung can’t fit the dual camera in the smaller S9. The iPhone X is same size with 5’8inch and it still has dual camera with dual OIS.


    exynos 8895 supports 4k 120fps also but it only allowed 4k 30 fps because of snapdragon 835 it will for s9 series also

  17. Guy Roland KOMAN

    But will be beaten by apple Ax processors as usual.

  18. MyView

    And my note 8 can record.. So what?? Go xda and find the camera..

  19. Abdul sattar

    Love your videos keep up your good work waiting for the note 9.

  20. Maria Elena Cabrera

    Thank you Saki. Great news.

  21. abhijit gojara

    Go there at Sam's conference !

  22. Sam Elaustraly

    IPhone x had this last year

  23. Bandhan Jha

    Wo saki saki re saki saki
    Rahe na jaye koi khuawhish banki

  24. Troy Kirchner

    Thanks for the update awesome
    I think I will wait for the note 9

  25. Saif Khan Raz

    just waiting for Note 9.


    Apple, HTC, Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, Sony have done a Glass Design so will OnePlus 6 have this design language?

  27. Kultar Singh

    Plz do a live stream

  28. Baleen Kurdish

    Place How lang is Samsung galaxy s9 Came

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