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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android 7.0 Nougat vs Galaxy S7 Edge Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow speed test.

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  1. Joshua Channell

    My main concern is if 7.1.1 or 7.1.2, which ever the new update for Android is, is faster than android 6.0.

  2. Paul Armstrong

    What about the calendar? I have Marshmallow in my device and the complete tasks are hidden automatically without any option to change it. I hate it because I wanna see all the tasks that are already marked as complete.

  3. Michael Ali

    2:05 the same bro…..picture on both came at the same time..

  4. ΖΣ RØ

    The wallpaper in gold s7 ege plzz !!

  5. super LUIGI

    What is latest nougat or marshmallow

  6. Mike Benjamin

    I love how you do your program with both applications fantastic job thanks.

  7. Prabhat Rabari

    how marshmallow is faster ? does update is low performance than first


    you tell me which colour is better

    i see that white colour when use long time it becomes yellowish

    so what colour is look good when use long time it is black pearl or gold


    please make video on samsung galaxy s7 edge colour comparision

    especially on black pearl vs gold

  10. Sereno Pittman

    You are not hitting them at the same time

  11. Rana Ubaid

    s7 edge marshmallow is doing better because it is 128gb and it's not third party variant like

  12. Bintang Azriel

    this is snapdragon version or exynos?

  13. Prabhat Rabari

    does update is create problem in performance bro?

  14. Veen

    Theres major performance divergence between the two. The 128GB variant has much higher read and write/ disc speed than the 32GB variant. That is why it's loading most of the apps especially games a lot faster than the phone on the right. It has very little to do with the operating system version.

  15. hallo ween

    my s7 is sended error report . i dont no what this is please fix not apdate to nougat

  16. seadi mema

    nougat super fast….

  17. 99Zimbo

    Did your S7 edge also have a red touch to the front camera, almost sees a bit blured, on 6.0.1?

  18. Vanessa Parington

    Is the current Nougat update completely safe for the S7?

  19. 007 bobby

    keeping my marshmallow! thanks.

  20. Nalle Gjermis

    Telenor? You from Norway?

  21. Tech Talk تـك توك

    are you using the same data for both phones? because I can see the golden one has three pages and I believe may that will effect?


    you failed instantly at this mate the gold edge has a carrier boot up screen thanks for wasting my time

  23. haska

    When one phone is faster than the other phone by a few milliseconds IT'S NOT STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT and you know it. You just want the views.

  24. Ej Calderon

    is the camera and slelfie improves when updated to Nougat

  25. pannan80

    How is the battery after Nougat?

  26. Rana Ubaid

    subway surges was fast on nougat

  27. Kenton Patterson

    Bloatware Fam this test is garbage

  28. Alikhan Gopang

    pleas honsty suggest me is it better for s7 edge to upgrade nougat???

  29. FeelsBadMan

    it's better if you clear the cache after upgrading your Android version.

  30. Edgar zapata

    what about battery life? is is worst or better in 7.0

  31. radowan khan Tanvir

    Please clear cache file from recovery mood . The cache file always makes newer version too much confused. So clear the cache file and do the compare. I hope the nougat will be the better. 🙂

  32. Niggers Are Savages

    These are the dumbest fucking videos.

  33. Raúl Prieto Rodriguez

    In the S7 with 7.0 The game launcher are ACTIVATE…. and thats its why its more sloow

  34. Gyurov -Tech

    Nougat Win !
    Users in s7 edge upgrade…

  35. Haninos

    I'm will not sacrifice losing Xposed module framework.
    not until it becomes available & stable for nougat, hope it will be soon. -(
    Thanks for your awesome videos. =)

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