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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Gaming Review. Playing some of the best games for Galaxy Note 8. Best gaming phone?

Note 8 DROP TEST –
Note 8 vs iPhone 7 Plus Speed test –
Note 8 vs OnePlus 5 Speed Test –

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  1. md ovi hasan

    I don't have enough money to buy it

  2. Eranuzz

    Phone is not even avaible worldwide yet and you already cracked it. FUCK YOU

  3. AClockHead103

    How did you manage to break it already?

  4. 王朝愉

    You can get a gaming laptop using the same money

  5. Jessica Myrish

    Is the note 8 having the burn in issue.. please answer me because im panning to buy this phone…


    Bro play minecraft but be beat tester because it's telling u the fps

  7. Wybert Chin

    why not try mobius final fantasy?

  8. anthony pullano

    LOL ignores massive graphics glitch at 2:12

  9. Mobile phone&PC

    My Galaxy s6 edge, and all games that you have working so good on my phone verison 7.0.
    .Buy the problem with my phone is battery i charging 3 times in one day i know this exaggerated,anyway great phone

  10. Hrishikesh Mane

    Why do u mostly drop your phones

  11. Nox Vega

    You're playing GTA on 50% resolution, that's half the phone resolution, not even 1080p, and also only 50% view distance. Don't say it's max settings when it's not.

  12. sweet truth

    0:50 A TERRORIST WILL LIKE A TERROR theme game .

  13. Zaid Alhabeb

    in your next gaming review you should play SKY FORCE RELOADED cause it is so heavy and big game.

  14. Harbir Singh

    You should have ran other games too like Shadow Fight 3, FIFA 16 ultimate team (intense mind-blowing graphics) and also Minecraft on max settings (it is resource hungry!).

  15. lc

    best phone ever ?

  16. Fato Kh

    Samsung Note8 the best phone

  17. Ishkaran Brar

    Play games like Brothers In Arms , CSR Racing , Real Racing 3 , Spider Man , WWE 2K , Max Payne Etc . That would a Real Test

  18. Brendon Gomes

    Hey please tell me how to download GTA San Andreas on my phone ?

  19. Mecaax Adi

    How Abaout MOBA Games? :c

  20. Abdul Hannan

    Bro i already have note 9 😂

  21. Letfordlay

    how would it run dolphin emulator?

  22. Pokemon Champion

    I think you should play Asphalt 8 because it's the most intensive high graphic game.

  23. Miss Abam Long

    C an this phone play angry bird,candy crush saga and clash of clan?

  24. all about gadgets and TECHNOL0GY[ A2G]

    Pakistan have slow internet speed… Peace..

  25. zactheandroidmac

    It's a shame a iPhone 5s can run games better due to optimization.

  26. Isaiah Michael

    Do a battery test with the galaxy s6 ,s7 and s8 please.

  27. Crystal Lam

    Would like to see Mobius FF. It lags on my OP3.

  28. Lukez

    "Handling this game without any problems." 
    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? During this sentence, there were two bugs and at the beginning look at the sidewalk. It looks like a PS2 Graphic. The iPhone does this better. 
    Now, I can hear the fanboys screaming:"BUT IT IS NOT SAMSUNGS FAULT, THAT GTA DOES NOT RUN GREAT. THE DEVELOPERS ARE NOT UPDATING THE GAME." That is completely right, but the reason does not matter at all. The game still runs bad. The thing, that I, as a consumer, am seeing is, the game runs like shit. I don't care about the reason or whose fault it is. I just want a game that runs smoothly.
    For gaming, get an iPhone.

  29. jeff gonzales

    could you please try NBA 2k17 next time on NOTE 8 ?

  30. Explore17

    You should probably do the train following mission on this phone, I want to see the fun of it 😛

  31. Gamer IN

    have u broken the phone

  32. curt2g1998

    Already cracked the screen…? Maaaannnn

  33. mup ku

    How about the feeling of holding this phone when using? Is it easy to touch edge screen accidentally? The way you hold this phone while playing games seems unstable and uncomfortable. I had bad experience with Note 5, often accidentally touch its edge screen

  34. sawrazor

    How enter cheat code on gta

  35. Carlwahlstrom

    Why do you smash all your phones 🙁

  36. Taher Ahmed

    Please try it with afterpulse!

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