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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Coca Cola Test vs iPhone 7, S8 Plus & LG G6! Coca Cola Proof? Water test has nothing on the Note 8 but coca cola on the other hand well lets find out.

Note 8 DROP TEST –
Note 8 vs iPhone 7 Plus Speed test –
Note 8 vs OnePlus 5 Speed Test –

Music by Joakim Karud

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  1. Arkainzeye

    ok what about my dew? lame

  2. LegeAE Playz

    Can u give me Cellphone Please??

  3. 추위사냥

    What Means 360p Squad??

  4. Brendan Armolea

    Wit timer phone is that @KEETECHCARE

  5. Abood Abood

    Oh no plz don’t turn into techrax

  6. Jazer James Belandres

    Hi. Sir.. Can you give me a Samsung Note 8 please T_T please…..please….. I can't afford to buy this…. I'm from the Philippines….. Please Sir…. I'm begging you… Please… Give it as a gift for me… Because I'm a graduating student…. Please sir T_T or Iphone


    0:46 the coca cola it's in arabic TF o_O ??

  8. Joseph Vailini

    That iphone 7 though hahah looks so tiny and out dated lol..

  9. Anonymous

    Cocacole is discusting. (My opinion)

  10. James Slaughter

    Please do a speaker test on the LG V30 and s8 plus NOTE 8

  11. Ezhan Ahmed

    4:54 LOL look at the softkeys of galaxy s8+ these looks different from galaxy note 8 while they both got same design of softkeys but here s8+ has different.

    by the way good video Thumbs up.

    I would like to see coco cola freeze test with all of them too <3.

  12. Jeshu Carl

    Awesome Year Man !!


    Where is your nokia 8…plz show an unboxing video of it

  14. Morgan Davidson

    *sniff *sniff that's some nice coke there 😂😂😂😂😂😂 wow dude

  15. sweet truth

    pakistani can afford coke ….haha beggers

  16. fahad vines


  17. Gerber berger

    can I have the note 8? swap for a cola?! pls!!!!

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