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Time for a speed test comparison between the New 2016 editions of Samsung Galaxy A7, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 including benchmarks & more. Which is faster?

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  1. Kausar Akbar

    galaxy a3 is better and good from the other a5 and a7 it's size is also practical and small and features are also good I like a3 ☺☺

  2. Fastest News

    I really Like Ur Vedios

  3. Nhan Tranvannhan

    Samsung GALAXY A 3 Ipha 5 7

  4. Blue Stone

    a3 will get nougat?

  5. Marcel Jn Obiakor

    techno j8 or Samsung a5 which one is better??? pls am confused???

  6. bestamerica

    how come 3 samsungs doesnt has –
    1- slide out / slide in typewrite board
    1- stand up on the back

  7. luna popadic

    Cool, I like the a5 2016

  8. DissTrackReaction

    wow the a7 looks a lot like the note 5

  9. Sharwien Kalloe


  10. Fun4TubeGr

    the A (2016) seres has fingerprint sensor?

  11. xo MineCraftGamerGirl xo

    I'm getting the A5 in white tomorrow!!!:-)

  12. Joseph Omoyajowo

    I see there aren't many videos on how to spot a fake samsung A5 2016 edition….there are so many fakes out there

  13. Ayuob Mohammed

    If you want to buy android it must be 2gb of ram at least

  14. Dionushs Τsoutsanis

    which is better galaxy a3(6) or xperia xa

  15. England Is Not A City

    who's watching in 29474207?

  16. Xyeno

    Just buy one of Samsung's S series. (Flagship)

  17. yiannis demetriou

    oh dude! The way he sais "very" its so funny!

  18. Ahmad Oudeh

    what the best a5 or a7

  19. Cameron Roberts

    Samsung a3 or Zenfone 3 5.2 inch

  20. tarrel in je ass

    i have a samsung grand prime and i see the pixels and i have buyed the a3 2016 but do you see the pixles

  21. Clientusing

    the a7 has android 4.4!!


    pls give samsung a3 to me

  23. gabi vaduva

    i think A3 is the best is not very small and not very big is perfect and he won the fps test betwin these 3. im gonna buy this phone. Thanks for review !

  24. Era Ariana

    I got Samsung Galaxy A3😂😘

  25. Ephraim Jas

    it can be than you didn't press the Bouton than the same time

  26. Sergio Nuñez

    why i cant uodate my a5 (2016) to marshmallow

  27. Sergio Nuñez

    why i cant uodate my a5 (2016) to marshmallow?

  28. Sergio Nuñez

    why i cant uodate my a5 (2016) to marshmallow?

  29. VOLTSmotion

    I'm planning to get a new phone and I'm betveen A3 and A5.
    Can somebody recommend me which one of those should I buy?

  30. MegaBojan1993

    Those galaxies look so beautiful together 🙂

  31. Jack

    who has amprent senzor?

  32. Ahmad Allam

    a3 is fucked up the battery dropped from 26 to 18

  33. Syarifuddin Usman

    i bought the A3 around $225 for like a month, then trade it with HTC One M8 at the same price.

    the A3 is compact handy and have better camera, but very slow, and lag so much.

  34. Asim Siddiq

    Is it me or A3 is really fast and performing better than A5 and A7? Those 3D graphics were running smoothly on A3 while A5 and A7 were shaky!!!

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