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  1. Boxes World

    The feminists, politically correct crap, exposed, the fanboys, and virgin men harassing female devs and gamers for no reason. There's plenty of internet drama that brutally ruins the gaming industry.

  2. duio

    Full artistic freedom… Only indipendent i think. Too much risks on investing on A to triple A games, and the market is widely becoming everyday nut and moaning of everything is different from what the fashion means to be to be liked and done.

  3. Jerry Kirby

    my first game online was Black Hawk Down: Delta Force

  4. Daulton Fogg

    dude, I've deleted my psn, Facebook and avoided the Internet like a fucking pleage once I've found out assholes was swatting people just bc they lost a damn game. shit is ridiculous nowadays with femminazis, trolls and swatters, I'm only 19 but I do know 2hats it like before Internet with the ps1 and the super nintendo, if only people can just let shit be how it was back then it'll all be way better

  5. MasterGameplay

    I got an ad for Dollar shave club, then i watch the beginning of this video… Is this life telling me to shave???

  6. Supun Madawala

    nicely said rich 🙂

  7. meteosurreal

    Go attack more shitweedfs, especially on here, with cheeky confusing shit, much mass-government universal shitpiss n' inconvienient spack is good Irate, Urban Legend n' the same few things in category and overly accepted sayings n' volvic volcanic reaction, use this, search Meteo Compendium n'Links, n' DO SOMETHING YOU Scallyanooy Stickweeds.

  8. jivenesspie

    Sega Saturn. King of Fighters 96 basement tournaments. 10 friends. pizzas. those were the days!

  9. Sam Geuvenen

    This all happens because we don't teach people to NOT act completely retarded 24/7. If we taught COMMON SENSE in schools, most of this would never happen.

  10. Patrick Kelly

    Can you try playing fruit ninja on of your videos if possible

  11. My nick name is Rovi

    Anita ruined gaming for all womem if you think about it!

  12. Dragon211

    Work and relationships ruin life, but you don't see that been halted. People get on with it, same will happen with gaming. It's far to big to just stop.

  13. Espe 23

    i may have been born in the 2000 i still went to my friends house and played ps2 games and wii games. Now since I play online it just doesn't feel right

  14. Lawful Lazy

    If the next AAA lead character isn't racially-ambiguous-gender-neutral, I'm going to cry foul.

  15. Star Wolf

    Internet drama has gone way too far. now I believe that Internet drama should be illegal so gaming can be saved.#MakeGamingGreatAgain

  16. BPR GM

    Back during the PS2 era I thought to myself "There's no way gaming could could any better than this!" And you know what I'm sad to say I think I was right.

  17. Robert Stuart

    You sound like a radio ad with the "Dollar Shave Club" stuff. Like something I'd hear on the local classic rock station.

  18. Audentes Fortuna Iuvat

    I had my long run of online gaming with Lineage II, CS 1.6 and LoL until 3 years ago.
    Then I understood that I missed so many other awesome titles and wasted so much time, I got angry and frustrated with teammates/myself etc etc.
    Now I just play single player games and FIFA or NBA2K with friends and that's it. I won't go online gaming again unless something spectacular appears which I think will not in the near future.
    What I really don't get is why people don't mind making themselves their own gaming experience and copy what streamers/youtubers say. One streamer dissing another, dissing a game with an army of morrons behind him supporting him.
    Girl streamers popping up their silicone and streaming from their daddy's estate. And that mediocre streamer is making tons of money by presenting rubbish.
    I started gaming with a PSone when I was 10 and I can't believe how shitty the community has become now.

  19. Daniel Peck

    whats the game in your video dude it looks like fun:)

  20. Sinage

    What's the game in the video? 🙂

  21. i am cool

    im 13 and i play always with my friends csgo or cod

  22. The Dark Side

    Hey Rich! There is a CNN for gaming. Your good friend Keem on Dramaalert!

  23. Tony James Gilpin

    I just want to shove a Game Genie up these feminists' ass, and punch in an invisibility code!

  24. A Jettison hem Tit

    am i the only one that still gets together with friends on my old Xbox 360 and plays Halo 4 Competitive, and has fucking fun, Fuck.

  25. the hillbilly gamer !

    witches ride this feminist are running game in the running everything

  26. z0h

    Watching this now, i think Anita Sarkeesian got way too much attention.

  27. Chrit S

    I agree with you with the exception of the political influence. Politicians have always been a part of gaming since NES days. Mortal combat was the reason why the ESRB rating system exists. I still remember the Hot Coffee controversy.

  28. Sebastián Peralta

    Damn! This is just to close to what I think.

  29. Martti Takala

    im 14 and i play lot of splitscreen games with my friends

  30. Martti Takala

    im 14 and i play lot of splitscreen games with my friends

  31. Martti Takala

    im 15 and i play lot of couch multiplayer or splitscreen games with my friends

  32. Martti Takala

    im 14 and i play lot of couch multiplayer or splitscreen games with my friends

  33. Martti Takala

    im 14 and i play lot of couch multiplayer or splitscreen games with my friends

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