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  1. General Grievous

    my dick came out when i first got my ps4

  2. FalloutModReview TV

    damn i wish i could get one, but theyre 500 dollars in my country. in 2016.

  3. Shammo Hamid

    Glad to see a positive review.

  4. The Death

    Ps4 is faulty due to overheating because the internal temperature is high when in long use of the console. There is even a issue with disc drives ejecting disk from multiple consumers. Hence the reasons why I won't get the Ps4 and Xbox one. The games from Ps4 will cross over to 7th gen consoles. Believe me this happened. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is one of those examples. It crashes 7th gen systems and major lag issues. People just wait for all these issues to be resolved of the Ps4 and Xbox one. That's if the companies will.

  5. Felisha

    the reason I don't like ps4:fanboys

  6. OneManAnimeCast 346

    I bought a USED PS4 and I still have zero problems with it.

  7. sampson drummer

    cod ghost gorgeous are you kidding me?

  8. patriotic american

    well….a vagina is amazing

  9. Tony Tarver

    Killed the same guy five times in a row, thegame could not make different faces for different characters you kill. That stabbing run was just boring

  10. homersimpsonovich

    Fanboys comments are worse than listen lil wayne try to play guitar solo on fender.

  11. Wizard ZoSo

    Does Battle Field Hard line still look terrible I seen it on PS3 not on PS4.
    I agree with You on Shadow Fall Play the entire Game.

    Shame there is not much of a story but why you should not get rid of Shadow fall is
    to show people how beautiful the PS4 handles that Game

  12. Mr Sisel

    AND y do u people like to be gamers?? when i play i play as a hobby, and i hate when someone calls me a "gamer" i dont like to be labeled. in fact when someone calls somebody a gamer i immediately think of a drug addict or an alcoholic because these are practically the same things to me.

  13. The Box That Could

    Why do people hate 25-30 frames per second? That is what I'm used to. Sure it looks better to me at 60, but 30 still seems fine to me.

  14. Agods Jp

    I hate the ps4 controller still small

  15. cloud9savagehenry

    Discover a vagina people! Wooo nipple

  16. No.

    Go outside and discover a vagina LOL


    Why can I not play CD's?

  18. It'z Wolf

    Now a days, the games that have been coming out for PS4 or Xbox One has just been upscaled or remastered versions. Graphic wise isn't really different from each other. For example Xbox One and PS4 practically almost plays battlefield 4 and cod ghosts the same. Same for Minecraft..

  19. ManicGunner383

    Just fuckin admit it PS4 is better runs better faster than Xbox one and the better graphics are just a bonus. U've made urself look like a real dumb ass in other vids.

  20. Camo

    In case you dont know pc fans, microsoft and sony made consoles to make it like a cheaper pc. They made the specs average and the frame-rate too. Just because your pc can do 144 frames on forza, to reach that amount of frames would be to spend around 700 dollars, while console users can spend 350 that a company has spent millions in, so you don't have to spend lots. The end.

  21. Luke-Antra

    you guys know what RT USAs channel is the only one where im getting a 27 second WoW WoD advertisment every single time it sucks balls

  22. JVerde86

    Wild VAGINA appeared!
    Used HARDEN!
    …It's not very effective…

  23. Nautilus Maximus

    Or get a vagina in a can….

  24. Ntando Ndaba

    PS4 is a safe choice

  25. Emilio Lopez

    LOL??? What does "getting laid" and "dicovering a vagina" have to do with a ps4??!!! Tell me when hit puberty you faggot. There is barley any difference in the consoles. BARLEY. I'm very surprised you have any subcribers.

  26. Saud

    ps4 how boring

  27. 2tehnik

    what's the name of the meme on the thumbnail?
    can anybody please tell me

  28. Key Smith

    Love my ps4, just waiting for more games that's all.

  29. Tomasina Covell

    I just really wish you'd make a better phrase or suggestion than that they go find themselves vaginas as a distraction from their issues.  I mean I agree with your reviews and love them, but it's such a put-down to woman, and please don't suggest they find a boyfriend either.  In fact I wouldn't want them getting anywhere close to even a remote possibility to enter the gene pool or even if it where filled with bleach.  Maybe suggest that they… no, not a zoo either, I don't know.

  30. autotune bacon

    four and four is the new black.

  31. StaTiC_ Flaw

    i dont know wht i want to get xbox one or ps4 i want to play titanfall but i also want to play mlb the show 14

  32. Calismoke831

    Before this vid a stupid Xbox ad

  33. Wizard Johnson

    Tips from ReviewTechUSA, go find a fucking vagina… even women

  34. Tendo's Historia

    i love the playstation 4 

  35. StplyZ

    the blinking red light on the ps4 is NOT THE RED LIGHT OF DEATH.. it DOES NOT mean ur consle IS DEFECTIVE.. it only means that ure console is over heated and just needs to cool down for some time, so put down that controlller and shut down the ps4 for some time… and put it in a well ventilated spot

  36. Mars Tom

    Dat thumbnail doe

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