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In Today’s 360 Daily –
* OnePlus 5 Allegedly Looks Similar to the iPhone 7 Plus –
* India Prices of WWDC 2017 Hardware Launches Revealed –
* Samsung Galaxy J-Series Phones Launched –
* WhatsApp for iPhone Gets New Features –
* Planet of the Apps Now Available for Streaming –

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  1. Adarsh Meher

    Is the one plus 6 is coming or not

  2. SUNIL Srivastava

    Hello friends update your order at my whatsapp for booking one plus 5 or samsung s8 s8+ or iphone 7 plus update +66980418099

  3. Mahi Patel

    one plus 5 Indian price ₹32,999 & ₹36,999

  4. The Vakis

    english is so bad go boom boom on arabia

  5. Aarsh Roy

    आई लव यू

  6. pavan kumar

    #OnePlus5, participate in the OnePlus 5 Blind Test to get a chance to win a OnePlus 5 and to win exiting gifts

    Link :

  7. Sourabh Atodiya

    what's you name. smart girl

  8. shaw blaze

    is it going to be waterproof?

  9. Himanshu Gupta

    Dont watch this video in headphones… i repeat dont watch.. her voice so irritating nd pathetic 😨😨😲😲

  10. Rahul Dharnia

    now its final
    One Plus 5
    'A Cheaper,Android Version of 7+'

  11. Shubhaansh K_S

    Guys this is not the real oneplus 5. The actual design has already leaked on amazon india page. Just go to the "WIN A ONEPLUS 5" page and scroll down to the end. Then there is a sketch of what the oneplus 5 would look like.

  12. 张俊齐



    1.31:- I shall buy their photos 😛

  14. TheFourthWinchester

    iPads and macbooks might be the most outdated out there. Sheep will keep buying though. The competition is way better. Apple is just greedy and slacking off.


    devika ….why u r in so much hurry ….slow down …..let ur videos come to a point of 4 to 5 mins ….thats perfectly fine …!! average YouTube video length is still 7.5 mins …!!

  16. anup kr

    1+ 5 is a cheap throwoff of iphone 7+…lame.. no innovation = chinese phone. stop promoting these craps.

  17. shawn regards

    so that how u giv news about new product ? well u really need to put a lot of hard work on ur show

  18. Nandan Bandyopadhyay

    yeah. subscribed to watch you daily,😁😁

  19. Daniyar Kuntayev

    what an accent =(((
    can't hear it anymore

  20. Ashwin Suryawanshi

    Why is the video dubbed by Kangana Ranaut? 😛

  21. salman khan

    subscribed just to watch u daily.. 😄

  22. Tushar Khurana

    Planet of the Apps – basically gareebo ka Shark Tank!!
    Devika plz do some more digging into the release date of Samsung Galaxy J 2017 series!!😊

  23. Rajiv Jiv

    looking cute devika

  24. krishnagopi allaka

    when redmi note 5 launch date

  25. Aizad Iqbal

    does j7 have gyro nfc? smart prix says it does and u guys say it doesn't

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