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  1. Jason Middleton

    Wait, you mean consoles weren't made to be played on for 16 hours a day?

  2. Studio Papa

    On a "Lighter" note..

  3. lunusT Tasker

    At first look i thought it could have been a cooling malfunction. But the wrinkling of the glossy plastic on the outside would indicate that the heat source was external. Most likely a flame but it 'could' have been something else like another overheating device next to it. I don't think this was the PS4. If it were, the damage would look different.
    -engineering student and Microsoft fanboy

  4. Elvis Peralta

    Xbox people don’t care about ya we don’t do what you guys do

  5. killerraseru25

    My ps4 pro been running for 3 days straight and it still

  6. brandon kukurudza

    played Mass effect last week (picked it up late cause all the hate, thought it was fantastic)
    12 hours non stop ps4 pro fan was going full tilt got fairly warm but no melting worked flawless

  7. Luigi Wilkins Odhiambo

    Who the f**ck is this guy who made this video

  8. Azorrows 4

    xbox nerds are reporting this

  9. Aaron R

    This guy made a 10 minute over one fucking ps4.

  10. Golden_ Eagl

    I just ate a chocolate like half a minute a go NO JOKE!!!

  11. Edd's Hardware

    Well it did not happen from overheating that would be impossible I repair these consoles everyday so I know them inside and out first of all were its melted is not even were the heat is produced by the apu instead in the pictures its melted were the air is pulled in making it the least likely place for the ps4 to melt itself since there is nothing there that makes heat second of all if the ps4 gets too hot it beeps flashes a red light and shuts off way before it could get hot enough to melt anything

  12. Emanouche

    I'd have to look at it closer, but it looks like it was burned from the outside (I'm a criminalist) Also, this is not the location of the power supply… Edit: Also, failure rates of the Xbox 360 was very high last gen, still was the best selling system last gen.

  13. TheSullustan Rebel1892

    FREAK OUT I mean jeez the Xbox 360 malfunctioned and there was hundreds no one called doom and gloom. yet 1 ps4 pro and everyone called doom gloom.

  14. George Y

    It's obvious that someone put a lighter to their ps4 on purpose because on the base the plastic melted inwards meaning the ps4 was upside down and the only reason you would have a ps4 upside down is to melt the base. I own a ps4 and the plastic outer case is very thick and it is highly unlikely any piece of hardware wether it's go a faulty cooling system or not can create enough heat to get the plastic to bubble the way it did.

  15. G THA Overlord HereForYoSoul

    (Turns on ps4 pro)

    BOOM KABOOM!!!!!💣💣💣💣

  16. Poltrix99

    Even if it would be a defect the console would have been at least 120 degrees Celsius to melt the plastic, at that point the system would've shut down long before it got to that temperature.

  17. Justin Miller

    that PlayStation wouldnt of worked long time before the outside would of melted LMAO

  18. Justin Miller

    LMFAO people don't understand how hot a little piece of metal has to get before it melts and same with plastic

  19. LugunaLucario

    None of them should ever do that. Just another example of them letting a product too early….

  20. Juancho Rifareal

    Great, I'm now scared of downloading games even on my Xbox One S overnight

  21. Daniel Jeffry


  22. Daniel Jeffry


  23. Classic Jesse

    buttloads of xbox 360s red ringed… how soon we forget 😛

  24. SmallerJester35

    One game. Forza Horizon 3.


  25. Zuhair S

    Ps4pro and PC owner. The Ps4pro has a strong gpu in it and it does a lot of processing, draws pc equivalent power from the wall. So you need to treat it like your pc you can't cram it in some non ventilated corner under the desk or in the drawers. That's why people who say system overheats are people who don't know about cooling. Something we PC owners learn about.

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