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  1. Jbird1004

    There is no link to the wiki page Rich

  2. Iftekhar Ahmed

    I am so glad that Atlus was bought by Sega. It's positively impacted Sega's approach to developing and publishing games.

  3. Cruz Rodriguez

    they should buy namco bandai instead 🙂

  4. VGF80

    Too late, Sega bought Atlus. I didn't even have to watch the video.

  5. WartanWolo

    This video was 4:20 minutes long ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. anzu


  7. Darkklowngod5

    Then if they buy capcom too, oh the possibilities.

  8. Nostalgia Works

    Whoa. Elevator Action is good-looking for an NES game. Almost looks 16-bit…

  9. David Selimovic

    Well, nope Sega bought them

  10. Chillius

    Atlus = DS Trackmania.

  11. RegalShock

    Did not come to pass.  What a relief.

  12. Jonathan Joestar

    It's because of retards who think like this, that the video game industry is being ruined.

  13. Nieem

    i think ive only played Riviera but i freaking loved that game!

  14. Alex Parker

    The only Atlus game I am sure I have played is 3d dot game heroes (which they only published). So I can at least say they are into unique and creative games. I would be sad to see them go.

  15. Vyse195

    Never said they weren't

  16. Lustra Guy

    atlus and sega… you do realize the atlus devs are still there, and sega is just funding them

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