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  1. MilkTil 7

    finally someone calls it gears of war thank you

  2. Shaneconnington 27

    Your Troll voice is one of the most entertaining part of your video's

  3. SmilingIpad

    didn't you already make this video?

  4. Space Doge

    Sergeant man titties haha

  5. RGgames

    you fighting with yourself is the funniest fucking thing.

  6. Ur Human Toast

    I heard from somewhere that the reason the new 3ds didnt come with charger is because of some weird copy right issue of their own.


    Ironfall lol what a shit game

  8. Mac Main

    I would be mad about the charger but I have like 4…

  9. Marion Hinzman

    the C stick on the new 3DS at first glance and first touch themes very stiff and very unreliable on initial testing of the C stick but but that's just my initial thoughts on messing around with the sea sick before playing any games on my new 3DS once I was able to play a game that used the C stick functionality where was actually called Ace Combat assault Horizon Plus what's it mean like out of all the games I own that's the one that's compatible with amiibos I mean seriously it's not even a first-party Nintendo game it's third party it's like it's the Ace Combat series and I just put a little bit of Nintendo when it because every Mission there's a giant? Block that you can shoot out of the sky and you can get extra points for shooting it out of the sky anyways that's not the point the point is the game Ace Combat assault Horizon plus C stick has a camera control stick the C stick on the new 3DS XL is used to move the camera around so that you can look for are there enemies that are flying around the sky and my point is when I first looked at the C stick and I tried to move it around with my thumb it felt really stiff and unresponsive it really did not appeal to me but then I got the game and I actually use the C stick in the game to move the camera around and change camera angles and when doing that I find that it's actually more responsive than I expected the C stick responsive very well it's very sensitive and it does what Nintendo said it would do it is a nice replacement for the circle Pro everyone compares the C stick 2A pencil eraser at first feel but then they use the C stick and start comparing it to an old laptop track stick nub and although I'm not familiar with older laptops I am going to say this I'm impressed with the new 3DS it is a little bit too thin I believe anything because my hands cramp up quite a bit after about 15 to 20 minutes of play in a game which makes it hard for me to play for longer amount of time on a game excellent machine the extra shoulder buttons work really well and basically I find that if you count up all the buttons it has the equivalent of an Xbox controller or a PlayStation controller the only difference being that the analog stick on the new 3DS in the C stick on the new 3DS do not have button capabilities like Xbox or Playstation but other than that you can find that it's got all of the same buttons had a console controller like I said though I do get and cramps so I would suggest buying some kind of a hand grip device for it such as the cyber grip with or if you buy a Mugen battery which will give you up to 15 hours of gameplay on full brightness and because of the thicker battery it requires a bigger battery cover so that also acts as a hand grip because it makes the console several inches thicker and helps reduce the hand cramp which is important because I'm not the only one that complains about a hand cramp from the 3DS XL and the new 3DS XL every person I have seen review the 3DS XL and the new 3DS XL say that it does cause a hand cramp after about 15 minutes of playing

  10. way310

    Ironfall, Heh..

  11. I Dunlap

    "Sergeant mantitties" ummm…what?

  12. urlordjames

    The C-Stick is… Um it's ok it's not as good as a dualshock 4 but still it's better than the old fashion up down left right.

  13. Gage Wenciker


  14. DarkdeviI725

    Sargeant man-titties… That killed me.

  15. DW bro

    believe it or not but i miss the days when you could just stick a game in a ps2 and it would work no updates less glitches and just a better expierence

  16. Attkrby

    just the best intro ever.

  17. David Choi

    he reloads too much

  18. Paul A

    New 3ds is an awful name buying Nintendos stuff is a nightmare. DS, DSi, DS lite, 3DS, 2DS, 3DS xl, new 3DS xl, Wii and Wii U.

  19. TacoIsCooking

    Would you recommend a 2DS over a 3DS XL?

  20. Ratchet

    i'd rather have the New 2DS. .. 3D is overrated.

  21. NikoBelic4

    Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo sold thier 6th gen game consoles, without memory cards, so this is nothing new.

  22. NJHS92

    the C-stick is pretty good, but i always prefer the dual sticks thats on the vita, the circle pad isnt as responsive as a true analog sticks, its still pretty good but not as good as the vitas

  23. NekoBoyOfficial

    @10:25 that voice was priceless xD

  24. StepmasterSpoony

    Srg. Mantitties killed me!

  25. ShadowBlazeHixy

    I know the console has been out for a little while here but I've found some lies from nintendo. the C-stick doesn't work with some "older" circle pad pro games. Senran Kagura 2: Shinku(japan exclusive at the moment(will be titled Deep Crimson instead of Shinku)). Works with Monster Hunter 4G(Ultimate) but that was a launch title hell it came with my Monster Hunter 4G New Nintendo 3DS. I got it January 3rd this year. Despite not being able to read the language I like mine though. The quotes around older are because Senran Kagure 2: Shinku came out last year in Japan a few months BEFORE the New 3DS.

  26. Inductive Gaming

    Did anyone else get the nintendo ds XL ad before the video started?

  27. Michael Myers

    on a side note: you are really bad at cod….

  28. Arend Galenkamp

    The real question is: Does it still give screen scratches on the top screen by the sides of the touch-screen when you close it?

  29. trexdrew

    I've tried a Japanese N3DS and the C Stick is very much shitty it is a ThinkPad type thing from laptops that little nub that NEVER MOVES and horribly tracks index finger motion yeah that's this so called amazing C Stick it isn't amazing at all I'm sorry it just is annoying an sticking with a 3DS XL and a Circle Pad Pro is better AND CHEAPER which we all want to save money right? I also feel as if this amazing face tracking 3D is gonna need a big patch I forsee it getting stuck in one area and not tracking well if you quickly turn your head to talk to a friend and back but we'll see

  30. Cabron loco

    Nintendo: Big Americans get big thing, no small or power!

  31. WGORAX

    LMFAO. I just subscribed 

  32. General Grievous

    In Europe we never had a power adapter on the regular 3DS. Thank godness i didn't get the 3DS on christmas day

  33. TheGamingCrypt

    very excited i just pre ordered the New Nintendo 3DS XL Majoras Mask 3D Edition!

  34. George Rattler

    Will the New Nintendo 3DS still play DS games?

  35. Eric Wells

    Also, in regards to what I have dubbed as Charger-Gate – you can purchase a charger for fairly cheap now online or in store.  Also, do we know if the charger is indeed proprietary or is it one of those micro/mini usb chargers that you should have lying around your house from the many different devices that do indeed take them?  Here are the full tech specs for the NEW 3DS XL – and also –  But, I for one, am truly excited about the NEW NEW 3DS XL.  My wife got the 3DS XL Mario Party: Island Tour bundle for this past Christmas and you can bet yer booty that we will be taking advantage of the GameStop, as I like to call it as well – NEW NEW 3DS XL trade up credit. 

    Trade in the 3DS XL and get $100 credit towards the purchase of the NEW NEW 3DS XL.  Bring in a 3DS, 2DS, and I do believe others, but do not quote me on it, and receive $75 credit towards the purchase of the, here we go, NEW NEW 3DS XL.  Am I mad that I do not get faceplates?  NOPE!  That doesnt excite me at all, but what excites me about the NEW NEW 3DS XL is the way 3D will be handled via head tracking, bigger upper and lower screens, better processing and exclusive games for it.  For me to get bent out of shape because of the NEW NEW 3DS XL, Charger-Gate (as I like to call it) or anything really, there are far worse things in the world to get pissed off about, but, people and their first world problems I guess

  36. Vasco Machado

    I love this model! Have had for a few months now and it truly is amazing xD (Japan Import)

  37. Ozzie Game Guys

    5:18 wrong, there were around 4 cartridge games that only worked on dsi, (mostly they used the camerca)

  38. Christopher Jr. Riley

    I'd disagree on the fact that the DSi had no (cartage) exclusive games. While there were… maybe one or two, Nintendo did in fact allow devs to create game exclusively for the DSi, but developers didn't do it because they felt it was a waste of time. It's only different compared to the 3DS and New 3DS because the processing power gap seems to be wider than the one on the DS to DSi, as well as the C stick and the extra buttons. There might be some other things, too, but those are the only things that I can think of at the moment.

    Just in case you were wondering: Face Training: Facial exercises to strengthen and relax from Fumiko Inudo, Foto Showdown, Picture Perfect Hair Salon, and System Flaw were the only (released) games that worked only on the DSi.

  39. spektrum1983

    where is the New 3DS XL White! I see only black and blue, boring.

  40. Jessie Forthworth

    I am the one who knocks, puts a flaming bag of poo on your door step, and runs away. FEAR ME.

  41. Mario1080p

    +ReviewTechUSA I can confirm that the "New" 3DS XL does have manual screen adjustment as there is an option to turn "Auto-Brightness" on or off.

  42. Catlord

    ReviewtechUSA has multiple personality disorder…exposed.

  43. Arron Simpson

    +ReviewTechUSA i can confrim that u can trun off the arto briightness off and u still have the brightness settings 1 to 5  also ur amiibo settings are all contated in the home menu and the wireless to trun it off and on  in the home menu also (since there is no wireless switch  on the NEW 3ds  (i have the normel size NEW 3ds ambasstor verion!)

  44. Mateusz Wojtkiewicz

    All smartphones, well except Apple stuff, use micro USB… so what? They all come with cables and chargers for them!!!

  45. Revillution dot net

    I love Rich's gay accent. Reminds me of Big Gay Al from the south park lol. 

  46. Sorual

    you said all cartridge games for the nintendo ds worked for the dsi. id just like to point out that that is false. there were 4 cartridge games (plus another that was canceled) that were exclusive for the dsi just like xenoblade chronicles is for the new 3ds. its just 4 games (5 but it was canceled) tho so its not a big deal. plus i heard the games arent even good to begin with. XD just wanted to point that out. 🙂

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