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  1. good samaritan

    well so much for cross platform play

  2. Anna the Hedgehog

    This would be fucking awesome..CMON MICROSOFT U CAN DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT

  3. William GEE GEE BURL

    when will this happen can u let me kno

  4. Amir Bepari

    that intro made me shit on my pants

  5. erick widman

    you a moron
    your channel sucks!
    DLC is platform biased
    wont work!
    and network security! bad sony sucks controllers inhibit player performance. the end

  6. Alexis Gonzalez

    this would be the best thing ever


    Well on ps4 some games kinda of do this like Warframe and Paragon

  8. Awesor

    That would be awesome, I would be able to play with some of my friends that has xbox one and with my cousin

  9. Pawel Nawrot

    I think this is a great idea I've been wanting to play with my friends for a long time but they have a ps4 where's I have an Xbox one and putting the PC in isn't such bad idea too so I hope and pray to god that Sony is up for this it will be enabled in the future


    I fucking love Dead Space

  11. BazuluWolf

    I can't wait i am in a group of 6 friend including me and I'm the only one with a ps4 and I don't know how that happens but it'll be awesome

  12. Ahmad Hussein

    Microsoft should be the ones to say For the players not sony

  13. County For Questionism-Ball

    It sounds good in all, but it makes security breaches, allowing the Console gamers to connect with PC gamers could go to shit real fucking fast, if people play on PC they know what I mean, PC gaming kids might DDOS a server when angry, this happens anyway, i know but with PC gamers it's easier to get the right programs, easier to work with the Server's IP, and worst of all, rather than just DDOSing, there will be people who know a programming language like C, and may proceed to fully hack the game.

  14. Ferrel Skarab

    No more hate between xbox and ps4 when cross platform play between xbox and ps4 happen

  15. xEpiCz GT

    The only bad thing about this is fanboy fights.

  16. Yourzie_cut14 //games

    Yeah I want to connect because I have so many friends on Xbox one and I'm only on ps4 so lonely XD

  17. DoctorEspeon

    I told my friend about this who stopped playing Nintendo… He said it's never gonna happen yup

  18. Greg 912


  19. Greg 912


  20. Phkn Luckytiger

    Be cz of it and I been with xbox for 12 years and I do not what this to happend to pple and when it dose happend I am going to be like I told u guys so when the all hackers take over when they dose then everyone's going to hate xbox and sony for doing this but it and make them a let of money but it's not a good Idea I'm 20 years old and this sloud not be happing

  21. Phkn Luckytiger

    When xbox one and ps4 do this it going to leave a big door open for hacker to take over the online muitplayer games then everyone's is going to get kicked offline and that not a good Idea

  22. Caleb Curtis

    I think it's a great idea. Let's say your best friends absolutely loves ps4 and the other loves the Xbox but they don't ever play games with one another, and doesn't want to buy the other console or can't afford it. If they both link with one another for multiplayer games, more buyers would buy and there would be more attention in the multiplayer gaming world.

  23. Some Guy

    Wtf?! World of Tanks is the first game to do cross-platform play!!

  24. Kaizowario

    Starting to get sick of this comment war between pc and console. If you play console idc if you play pc idc.

  25. Last Dementius

    I swear, shouldn't people be happy to say that now we can play with friends that have different platforms

  26. Garrett Baschenvloir

    if this were to happen, then it would officially eliminate half ass work done and gen to gen bullshit. What I'm saying is that people will buy what they want based on what the want, unlike me who went for Xbox One because all my closest friends have it. Now don't get me wrong, I love my Xbox One, but everyone else I know, has a PS4.

  27. Dm Md

    fuck that PS is for fucking dumb asses

  28. john whitfield

    I like the idea but have you heard anything about it recently cuz it's been a month

  29. Shawne Stuck

    I think that is a really good idea I hope that this happen soon really really soon peace out

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