1. Jonathan Krimer

    I find yahoo mail superior to google. But now 55 m to leave? Corporate Theft…

  2. Larry Lee Moniz

    Everything this woman has done to Yahoo has been horrible.
    The awful (decidedly feminine) logo, the unusable mail, the unorganized, slow-loading flickr, the ridiculously stupid news stories, the annoying ads, all suck.
    It's now a gossipy, large piece of virtual crap.

  3. Helin Wang

    that dude is super rude.

  4. Merc Ury

    damn michael arrington gained a fuck tonne of weight

  5. Gordon Wood

    Rude? Yahoo's new logo design IS rude.

  6. alexstudent

    Why is the logo worse? You seem to be of the opinion that the host was not rude, yet you are biased in favor of sharing the same opinion as him.

  7. Ventures with Van

    I believe she is the right person for the job and will keep yahoo driving forward in years to come. Well spoken and great job handling difficult questions.

  8. thassMH

    Yeh Tech Crunch, Every intro you have to your videos, let alone the quality…oof. Should be keepin quiet

  9. Jason Smith

    He wasn't rude. That's actually called approaching a difficult subject with wry humor. The logo did not change for 18 years and now she's made it worse. And won't fix it. Because she wants to look cheap (like a startup). Not "scrappy" but…cheap. What an embarrassment.

  10. Helder Almeida

    That could actually be possible, but something in her doesn't really match this idea, or she's a really nice actress.

  11. Evolution Website Design

    She was spot on by saying that the issue was that the old logo did not change for 18 years and that wont happen again. It's an improvement even if it was designed In-House.

  12. Cuban Nerd

    The logo sucks but that guy was super rude.

  13. Zac Knoblauch

    She knows it sucks, she's just covering her own ass now

  14. swankrecords

    I kindly suggest she scrap the fluffy hair and go with Bo Derek corn rows.

  15. leni lenape

    Who is this guy intervewing Ms. Mayer?

    He is a jerk and a bully.

  16. neuemage

    YOU ppl are too naive, cant you see she is doing this ON PURPOSE to devalue the company and then google can buy it, like Stephen_Elop (Adobe) did with Macromedia and (Microsoft) with Nokia

  17. Dane Reads

    Can't stand her voice, it really grates on me. Clever woman, though. Shame about the logo…

  18. James Blackburn

    Umm… The Tech Crunch logo…

  19. Alex Marz

    A much better improvement

  20. Pablo Lillia

    With all due respect, the new logo is crap. Hire some good designers, please.

  21. TubeMaNia

    she wants to defend the biggest screw up of her career!

  22. Yaniv Ran

    Doing it in house doesn't mean it has to be ugly and un-inspiring. Good logos don't have to cost millions even when done right..

  23. Jonathan Cottrell

    impeccably dressed, as always

  24. niallmol

    Marissa is the best

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