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Intelligent technology smart animal husbandry farming. Experimental technologies, holes in the cow, milk production. Automatic cow feeding machine, farm, automatic cow milking machine, latest technology, insemination. Calves feeder, robot, device for the distribution of animal feed, silage, hay, straw. Cleaning of dirt on the farm, disinfection, dispenser. Tractor, bulldozer, loader for cleaning farm buildings and much more of lastest invention. World Amazing Modern Agriculture Equipment and Mega Machines. Watch!

Intelligent Technology Smart Farming Automatic milking machine, Feeding, Milk Production, Cleaning, Washing, Insemination


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Интеллектуальные технологии, разумное животноводство и фермерство. Современные экспериментальные технологии, Искусственное отверстие в корове. Автоматическое доение коров, приспособление для кормления коров, кормушка для телят, робот, устройство для распределение корма, силоса, сена, соломы. Мойка и чистка коров, оплодотворение. Уборка грязи на ферме, дезинфекция, распылитель. Производство молока. Трактор, бульдозер, погрузчик для чистки фермерских сооружений и многие другие последние изобретения. Смотрим!

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  1. zarina khan

    dumbest technology. bull shite is not bad in frount of this technology.

  2. Mercado Maffei

    i am soooo not ok weth that

  3. rahmathunnisa miss

    Heartless moron…… no humanity at all

  4. C0I0SEL 2003

    This guys makes hole in cows.this is 😢😢😠😠😠😠

  5. Jack Snow

    that is not smart or "intelligent" ANYTHING! IT IS ANIMAL ABUSE!

  6. Claire G TV

    You are freaking kuting holes in poor cows stumics what if bugs got in it and ate is guts and you think your smart ps milk mashies hurt cows how would you like to have the life sucked out of you from your nips?

  7. Jaka Sraka

    u teh velikih farmak niso kravje vime pol tok ne očiščene kot pri nas.

  8. Grace Lee

    was that a giant hole in the stomach?!?!

  9. Rocio Jesus only save

    poor animal  there lot company want make money and don't care about this poor animal conditions  .

  10. Alyse Rodriguez

    Idk how I got here but this is absolutely awful 🙁

  11. misha 888

    Now I don't want to drink a milk from this country who make hole in a cow stomach. Stupid idea

  12. Islammylife 4everAllahwilling




  13. rida khan

    what the fuck how can u do that fuck u

  14. Voa Ya

    it's very cruel

  15. Beanie Hutini

    I sometimes hate people and i particularly hate the person that thinks putting a hole in a cow is intelligent

    Worker: hey boss
    Boss: yes steve
    Steve: we are having trouble making calfs
    Boss: whats the problem
    Steve: our stick we use just killed 6 of our workers
    Boss: …..
    Steve: …..
    Boss: well do you have a solution
    Steve: well what about using less poi-
    Boss: NO I GOT IT
    Steve: umm okay
    Boss: we put a giant hole in the cow so we can only use our hand
    Steve: ……
    Steve: GREAT IDEA SIR, we will get to work immediately
    Boss: great now get out of my face. IM SO INTELLIGENT!!!!!!

  16. iftikhar khan

    wtf indians mother have a new hole now bulls can also fuck there mothers this hole and also they see the dick in there mother cow

  17. alesha chettry

    what the hell is this?? 😞😲
    u monsters .. u will rest in hell sure.. poor cows .. make same hole in ur stomach nd say its intelligent superb 😏

  18. Vompolu Venkata Satyanaryana

    please feed all animals in proper manner wt ru doing keping holes to stomach and feeding nooo stoing food like a storage tank wt s this please avoid this please accept this every thing is good

  19. Lii vianzovita putraputri tunggal

    astagfirullah haladzim 😭😭😭😭😪

  20. Sandeep Patil

    nonsense technology

  21. Prasad kumar

    hole on live animal? height of greediness. Respect the nature bastards

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