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Find out what dangerous Whatsapp scams message you should delete immediately and how to protect yourself from phone scammers. Phone scammers keep coming up with new methods of deception almost every month!

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  1. Bethany Waite

    you can trust us … I don't think that now u said that

  2. Mia Roberts

    why did this video make me want to get Whatsapp????

  3. Jayden Kraus

    Bet universe musician style wound attack step used consist medal.

  4. E T

    I don't have a smartphone and if I did I would be messing around with my VR

  5. Manraj Mann

    Thank a lot for uploading it

  6. CremedShugarKookies

    This Crazy Dipavali(Idk how to spell)Somehow,They got my number at kept sending me Indian or Malay things my mother deleted it but somehow they came back but now hes gone

  7. Fun With Catherine!!!

    My mom has whatsup and a anonymous people send ver something that she has to pay for iy

  8. Azmul ISLAM

    I might have done the bad thing.

  9. Summer Girl44

    Not Sansbury’s it’s Sainsbury’s

  10. Pound Steaker

    Lesson Learned 😉

  11. Joacoa2006

    Genial is coping your videos

  12. Sup Guyz

    Its pronounced sanes by ray

  13. joseph

    thanks bright side for the video but you told that whatsapp dosen't want us to forward messages,how do i share this video to all my freinds?

  14. Haxie - The Gamer

    What should i do??!! I clicked the gold whatsapp me 😥😥😥im only 11 trust me.

  15. Rogelio Martinez

    Thank you thank you Brightside I totally totally did not know that that scammers can

  16. Aurora Lane

    I use Google play store

  17. Aurora Lane

    I'm glad my texting app is MESSENGER

  18. Janiyah Glasper


  19. GoldieTheBear9165 FNAFBRO

    Ahh I got the message!! Oh wait its from messenger

  20. ShortCircuit

    I use messenger >:3

  21. Naya Bouari

    Thank goodness you tell us .

    I really appreciate it.

  22. Susie Daclan

    Good Thing I'm not using Whatsapp.
    I'm using Messenger forever

  23. Ana Malfoy

    Why do we need to delete it immediately?

  24. Ali Plays

    Imagine if one of those criminals saw this video

    Criminal: WE'VE BEEN EXPOSED!!!

  25. Shadow Blaster

    8:36 you forgot microsoft store

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