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Awesome and hypnotic video filmed inside an impressive forgery using a massive pneumatic Hammer. Forging, Ring Rolling, Open-Die Forging, Hammer Forging, CNC

Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces. The blows are delivered with a hammer (often a power hammer) or a die. Forging is often classified according to the temperature at which it is performed: cold forging (a type of cold working), warm forging, or hot forging (a type of hot working). For the latter two, the metal is heated, usually in a forge. Forged parts can range in weight from less than a kilogram to hundreds of metric tons.

HYPNOTIC Video Inside Extreme Forging Factory Steel Hydraulic Pneumatic Hammer Mega Machine CNC


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Ко́вка — это высокотемпературная обработка различных металлов (железо, медь и её сплавы, титан, алюминий и его сплавы), нагретых до ковочной температуры. Для каждого металла существует своя ковочная температура, зависящая от физических (температура плавления, кристаллизация) и химических (наличия легирующих элементов) свойств. Для железа температурный интервал 1250—800 °С, для меди 1000—650 °С, для титана 1600—900 °С, для алюминиевых сплавов 480—400 °С.

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  1. tsk

    Muy buena combinacion musica y video.

  2. Mensa Melancholia

    And that my friends is how Jon Snow's mighty Sword was Forged 🙂

  3. Pakislav

    what retard put this retard music on this retard video

  4. Taunter Atwill

    Pneumatic presses no hammers another thumb down for a liar!
    Epic Machines? No, epic liars yes.

  5. Sylar Vandoza

    The only thing that is not shown is in this case a simple problem and is very difficult for a few more hours of sleep and the only thing I would like is a problem that is a very much fun game for me and my family is a great tool for the animals that are very much more difficult than having a small problem in my room

  6. Jack Spratt

    would have been good if they said what they were doing in each step………'nuf said about the sound

  7. Bill Darth

    What that FUCK I'm I listening to I listen to heavy metal not this

  8. Adam Do

    2:00 whats my cock ring doing there

  9. Rudderify

    You guys should put Alex Steele's forging footage to get your views up. 😂

  10. Greg McKee

    But how did they make the huge machines to make these massive pieces?
    It's like what came first the chicken or the egg.

  11. korpakukac

    Could you upload this video with even shittier music please?

  12. GlobalTube94

    fkn shit music destroyed it

  13. jacquette28

    The name of the first song is "Dream Travel – The Little Story (Original Mix)"

  14. Unikátní Jedna

    Music is quite annoying. It doesn't go well with this video. I'd say something more slow and smooth would be better. Video feels like it was thrown together without a care.

  15. CSLFiero

    fuck you, carbon fiber.
    the entire midwest

  16. elbartoso

    lose the music this is not the 90s and that shit sucks

  17. rust

    Why gay music?

  18. Dan iel

    ugh, I didn't have my rag ready…gonna go shower

  19. Purushottam Latey

    Which company is this ?

  20. Scott

    Our HOT magma will MEZmaRiZe you!!!

  21. Damon K

    why the candy ass music to such a manly video?

  22. epistte

    PPE doesn't seem to be a priority at this facility.

  23. حسام جعفر

    شلون بنار جهنم أعوذ بالله منها

  24. roland pouilloux

    fantastic images but shitty music!! anyway thanx for sharing

  25. beno244

    music killed it for me

  26. Jean-Jacques Herpes

    best eurodance music ever for a forgery demo

  27. Justin bustin

    reason your ghetto rims crack is cause there cheap ass casted metal and not forged.

  28. fingalslastpint

    What you fellows making, a giant fish hook?

  29. Korisniknovi

    Who the fuck puts annoying music over the true industrial sounds!?

  30. John Schneider

    WTF is up with this music

  31. misterodors

    Oh shit this music – I am suicidal.

  32. D4RKBRU73

    Dunno what people have…. the first track fits perfectly and was awesome. What's the name of it ?

  33. andy andy

    great job selecting the gayest music you could find

  34. Jay Pom

    Wtf is with the music?

  35. Heru- deshet

    I would prefer to hear the foundry sounds to that crap that passes for music, please. Thumbs down.

  36. Humblehombre

    Give a fool a computer, and a stack of vinyls, a few crack rocks, and you have dance music for the emotionless sheep. All we need is a phony story "bout da hood' , some "baby mama hoes" and voila, you be blingin' in the salad.

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