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Huawei Nova Plus vs Honor 8 Speed test comparison!

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  1. Mohamad Hafiz

    i love huawei honor 8 very nice …

  2. Mohamed Ahmed

    nova plus best or Samsung j7 prime

  3. Hollanda1975

    Honor8 has now got EMUI 5.0 and Android 7 Nougat (feb-17) and is now even faster. Honor8 great great phone👍

  4. Majid Amin

    Xeetechcare upload
    the water test of huawei honor 8

  5. TheArKtec

    This guys is either slow, blind or retarded because the nova clearly won on certain things but he still said it was the honor 8.

  6. Aadil Chaudry

    The design is a clear copy from Samsung for the honor and the iPhone for the nova

  7. lale navari

    Honor 8 drop and water test! Please 🙂

  8. Abuzar Ghaffari

    Dear please speed test.. Nova plus vs c7…both have sd625…


    do the speed test against p9 lite

  10. raywallet

    honor 8 is so beautiful!

  11. iman kazemian

    hi . please take Huawei mate 9 pro or porch design and comparison it with other device

  12. Fasi Asad

    hello xeetechcare, buddy i need your help… I'm Using Huawei P8 Lite and its showing me Mobilink|Mobilink Twice Carrier names as I'm Using Single SIM in it.. need ur help.. I'm totally messed up with this.. please help..

  13. Ahsan Arshad

    Nova plus vs J7 prime

  14. aleix the great

    honor 8 vs pixel xl next

  15. ComboXd

    Man i bought my Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 for my brithday (6 months ago) and seeing that Honor 8 is the same price i feel sad now ._.

  16. Rahul AFC

    are u an arsenal fan cause i saw aaron ramsey in your insta post

  17. Zubair Chaudhry

    Really Appriciate Your efforts bro👌👌
    best channel for smartphones reviews 👌👌 Few things are missing like Camera test , full camera test upto 8 Mins of video and stuff like that
    best of Luck to You Brother👌👌

  18. AG Haki

    pls do a test for huawei nova plus

  19. Karol Babinski

    honor 8 vs galaxy s6

  20. EZPlayer221

    they cant compare… Honor 8 has 4GB RAM and kirin 950 chip. Nova plus just have 3GB RAM and SD652(or 625 i forgot)only… so the price on Nova Plus is not very aggresive

  21. Navdeep Singh

    bro can you do huawei nova plus vs p9 lite

  22. quran tafheem

    Do a test Samsung C7 vs nova plus coz both have sd 625, it will be interesting to see which one is better optimized.

  23. Sean YueXin

    Huawei p9 or honor 8?

  24. maria ikar

    hi aryan that was amaziing video go on

  25. vyper156

    Great comparison, watching this on my honor 8😊. Btw I think in terms of multitasking on the honor 8, the UI works hard to close apps in the background to save battery life, so that has to be taken into consideration when multitasking.

  26. Kushal Yadav

    sir..can u please do a review on xperia xz..u did a wonderful review on xperia x…so please do the review on xz

  27. one and a half gamer

    Fantastic video!!
    you deserve many more subs!

  28. SalmaN SiddiquI

    pls tell Honor 8 or samsung note 4 ?

  29. random dude

    p9 lite 3gb ram version vs nova plus if you have time….and great video btw 🙂

  30. Ali asad

    today is my birthday, can i get 100 likes? ¯(ツ)

  31. MobileMasr

    I want Nova plus vs P9 Lite 3 GB Ram version

  32. Children Life Academy School

    if the price almost same, then definitaly go for honor has amazing built quality, amazing camera better than nova plus and amazing performance as you seen in the video…

  33. Children Life Academy School

    does both phones have notification led? kindly conform me

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