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HTC 10 UNVEILED! Full Specs & Features Review!

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    Brother Qmobile z12 please…..

  2. Suheef Uddin

    its had 12mp ultra pixel camera


    940 subscribers more to reach 100k

  4. Adham Abbas

    can you do video
    samsung galaxy a5 (2016) vs htc desire eye

  5. Cesar.

    what about the huawei P9 & P9 plus, wouldn't you make a specs video about it with your opinions about it ??

  6. Pat Rice

    They should have put the fingerprint reader on the back and put boom sound back on the front

  7. Jordan Escobar

    how come you dont have alot of subs , your videos are great

  8. Suraya Bashir

    plz do a video of A5 2016 vs s7 which to buy

  9. Habib Hassan

    Bruh just pre order one from their website

  10. Ibrahim Hassan

    continue with this level, and u will have 500 thousand subscribers in no time

  11. Moazam Da man

    I might even get that thing!!?

  12. moblue 289

    it sucks specially the price typical HTC shit, and the headphone port is on the top fuck that

  13. Saad Atif

    do u ever take a look at comment section… i beg you plz tell me the price of nexus 5x 32 gb in pakistan… sir plzzz…

  14. Sidharth Krishnan

    sadly it is snapdragon 652 and 3 gigs of ram in the Asian countries


    hey can you shoot video with me? I am currently here in Pakistan

  16. Icarus975

    0:47 there's also a red color coming!


    Thanks.I will buy this phone!!!Thanks you XEETECHCARE!!!

  18. Icarus975

    I wish I waited for the HTC 10 instead of buying the s7 edge but I am really loving my s7 edge

  19. Sheikh Ahmad

    your videos are awesome bro😀😀😀😂

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