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In this video I am going to show you HOW TO Root your HTC One M8 Google Play Edition with step-by-step walk through. There are 3 steps you must take to root your M8:

1 – Unlock the Bootloader of your M8
2 – Install or Flash a Custom Recovery such as TWRP
3 – Root your HTC One M8 using SuperSU file

We will go over each step.


Want to ROOT an HTC One M8 Sense instead? Watch this:

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  1. Prem Newar

    i already follow your instruction and successfully installed openrecovery-twrp- but only showing htc plz help me

  2. Pxintman

    Yo I did this today and my phone is in a constant loop when it boots up
    and now I don't know what to do man. The phone has been booting up for
    the past 4 hours and nothing.

  3. ConiX

    Wiill this method work for GPE marshmallow 6?

  4. Noah Dray

    Everytime I type in the command "fastboot oem unlock" I get an error "Command error !!!"
    Please help!

  5. marcus schwippert

    Perfect !!Das sollte ich nun auch mal schaffen , nach 10 versuchen aus anderen Anleitungen ūüėČ

  6. Stephen Sheehy

    Terrific how-to videos!  I followed your procedure for unlocking the Sense version yesterday, and it worked great (though Sunshine is now required for S-off).  Debating whether or not to root the stock android to mess around with it further.

  7. Ashley Bennett

    Hey +sakitech, could you do a video on how to unroot the converted M8 GPE so we can update from 5.0 to 5.1?

  8. setmeup23

    The link to the Android SDK Bundle seems to be different. Is there an updated link for the ADT bundle?

  9. Salman Ali

    Will the this work on the 5.0.1 lollipop gpe update ?

  10. Karim Moharam

    Does this work on Android 5?

  11. Clay Machorro

    excelente si me funcionó con HTC M8 Google Play Edition Lollypop 5.0.1

  12. ludwing taracena teo

    hi i did all but i have problems when i have to do the recovery help place

  13. Felix Lim

    One thing is very inaccurate. You don't need custom recovery to root N5 nor N4. 

  14. Emma Jane

    Will this work with lollipop (5.0.1)? I converted my HTC one m8 to GPE using your guide. I choose to install the rooted version, but it didn't seem to give me root access. I didn't retry as I thought I'd wait for the lollipop update. Now not sure how to proceed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  15. TheOlivermz

    Will OTA updates still work after it's rooted ?

  16. Brett Putman

    Great guide. Thanks for the hard work.

  17. EJO Productions Official

    Will this work using mac terminal as well?

  18. DeidaraNara

    plz help i have s-off and have an unlocked bootloader when i flash twrp with command prompts on pc it goes to google loading screen when i select enter recovery it just stays at google then reboots phone without entering recovery what do i do

  19. Cesar Ferrer

    hey +sakitech, did you ever do an HTC ONE M7 GPE unlock and root guide?

  20. Malachi Adams

    Anyone know how to revert back to stock after root?

  21. Jeff Cross

    I just received my M8 GPE today and this is the first time I have manually unlocked / rooted a phone before (always depended on tools).¬† Thank you so very much for the video…you did a GREAT job with it.

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