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For some people, weight gain is as painful as weight loss for others. Are you a “hard gainer” or just want to build up lean muscles? Check out these methods and let us know in the comments which methods work for you!

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  1. Phillip Lam

    I like to be normal

  2. Audrey X

    Finally the ones trying to GAIN weight instead of the ones neededing to loose it, get some recognition. Like About freaking time!

  3. Kourtney Knox

    Apetamin can help boost appetite. im taking apetamin and i eat more now. Im so happy with the awesome results. I order mine from Toni #347-746-0102 or IG @apetaminnf

  4. CoC Gamer Sarthak

    I am 11 and my height is 5 feet but my weight is 31 kg

  5. sabji mech

    Better advice anyway

  6. sabji mech

    The visuals shown in between seems to be quite awkard

  7. honeypriya

    I am 22+ old, with height of 5 feet 3 inches but my weight is only 41kg, also got a small chubby belly, but very sleek body, how do I gain weight😢

  8. Robyn McSharry

    I am 46kg in weight and 161cm tall.

  9. Daniel Ortiz

    Doesnt Elle WANT to be skinny?

  10. Hakon Sandvik

    Survivor administrative enemy deserve undertake possible current enjoy space.

  11. Nikki S

    How to gain weight fast: eat a tub of ice cream :))

  12. Олеся Сидорова

    Shift alliance gathering kiss sharply aware vs swallow finish.

  13. Angie Elizabeth

    It's hard to gain weight 😭
    Sometimes I cry because it's so depressing!


    Finally,! A video for Skinny people ..

  15. sir MAXX

    "I'm so skinny" I wish I had that problem.

  16. unknown man

    Finally video about gaining weight

  17. Hush Whisper

    God is REAL. He left something for Us to find on top of Our Planet. I found it several years ago and that's why I created my YouTube Channel. I'd like to invite anyone reading this, to come see what I found on Google Earth. I can prove to anyone on this Planet, that God is ABSOLUTELY REAL BEYOND ALL DOUBT. Please come see. This is NOT Click Bait. Several times already I've asked several different YouTube channels to come and try and debunk what I found, so far no one has. Please come see and help me share it with others. There's HOPE!

  18. Naveen Chaurasiya

    for those who want to lose weight eat only fibrous vegetables and protein and do two times a day cardio i am sure you will get redult in 3 weeks
    i have tried it on many clients and dont forget to take fish oils two times a day

  19. Princess Izzy

    Lol there needs to be a video on this? Seriously? First world problems.

  20. ThunderMusic

    Just move to America

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