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Google PIxel XL official Android 8.0 Oreo takes on Galaxy S8 in a speed test battle.

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  1. Omar Qasem

    I am thinking to upgrade from the s6 edge to a pixel what do you guys think

  2. Archangel

    Google pixel is better

  3. sky net

    Hi. I found this video. It seems like a plagiarism

  4. Tom

    Once again samsung lacks behind in software despite being against a phone from LAST year. Pathetic.

  5. Rodrigo Dias de Abreu

    How did you change your navbar icons?

  6. kotsios antoniades

    dude try s8 plus exynos version with oreo 8,0. and bring the iphone 8+ on the table haha

  7. C2tha J2tha

    OMG PLEEEEASE send a link download that wallpaper on the galaxy s8

  8. scrivmister

    When I was deciding wich phone to get it was between the pixel and the s8 and I chose the s8 cause it's better Imo

  9. Calmacion

    when this update officially comes out?

  10. Sunita Tinker

    Google pixel is the best smartphone

  11. Abdulrahman Nasralla

    Can somebody please tell me how does he changes the navigation bar?

  12. Aelazadne

    So, ANdroid Oreo vs Android Nougat and Orea is of course superior. I want to see an S8 with Oreo.

  13. Hilmy Akatsuki

    If u forgot Android O not give permission to run apps background freely. So, there will performance issue because nougat is already loaded many apps and process than Oreo. So, there will a difference

  14. Jay Miah

    As a fair test you should've tested a pixel 7.0 vs pixel 8.0 because fairer hardware

  15. Michael Wilson

    When will the pixel stop kicking everybody's ass?

  16. E Cabotaje

    Thank gawd they fixed that boot up on the pixel. I swear it took nearly 5 min to boot up before

  17. Habibbasha Habibbasha

    Samsung galaxy note 8 battery drain test in yours style

  18. Wee Mad Max B

    Both are beautiful devices

  19. Diego Gravinese

    A bit faster but a lot uglier.

  20. Noel Ventura.

    The note 8 is a very promising device. But might not be the best device for the money

  21. Mr Toriko

    Pixel is the best phone out there. No lag whatsoever 🔥

  22. Zachary Helfrich

    How often are you people restarting your phones that boot up time really matters????

    The irony here is that would be a nice feature for removable battery phones

  23. Chrisderbe Jers

    Can you make a video how to update android marshmallow to nougat for galaxy s5?? Bcs i cant even update my phone.

  24. xEnderCrafterx

    The infinity display slows it down, it's too curvy for the Pixel

  25. Siam Alam

    Meanwhile, iPhone 7 was smoking & laughing at these kids

  26. Sir Cakington

    Pure Android looks ugly

  27. Garron ah

    Jesus. The S8 really, REALLY makes the Pixel look frumpy and outdated.

  28. Gianluca Cannizzo

    Can you please make a nougat vs Oreo with both pixel, this comparison does't make sense, they're different phones

  29. Shiva Limbu

    Please compare galaxy s7 vs note 8

  30. Noel Ventura.

    Do you think Oreo will make the s8 faster ?? Don't make me laff. The more updates and patches Samsung gets the slower the device becomes especially with that UI skin it has. I love Samsung phones but. Man. Oreo is perfectly modified for the Google phone as you can see

  31. MartinGB

    I came again after watchin that pixel vs iphone 7 ios 11 and i realized that the s8 would win that iphone in all the apps

  32. Switched On

    I predict pixel 2 to come out and be faster then the s8 over time the s8 will slow down but if your the type of person to buy a new phone every year I guess it doesn't matter much.

  33. Victor Furman

    what exact S8+ you use? Snapdragon version or Exynos?

  34. Kaius P

    When will android 8 come to other phones?

  35. Miloud Berbiha

    even if the pixel is faster everybody will choose the s8 because of that inifinty display

  36. Mani Mv

    Why do people care so much, ive had this device for over a year and i dont see a difference because i dont pay attention, how much of a rush do you have to be in. People in the comments saying lagsung and samsuck and i think…wat. in some things it might have opened on the s8 1 second faster like, who tf cares?

    The device was the samsung galaxy tab s2

  37. xeetechcare fan

    zayrab speed test between iphone 6 vs 6s waiting iphone 8 o beat note 8

  38. Jomarl Anthony Ejim

    i like this vid you are now cutting through important moments i will like more of your videos if you kee cutting it like that

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