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  1. christian diaz

    i thnk dis hle scorpio vs pro thing is dumb obviously scorpio is gng to be better as far as performance goes over da pro cuz is a year neawer just like da pro is better dn da one s i knw i hve both and if da ps5 comes out first ig gng to be better den scorpio and so on its r job as buyers and gamers to not allow sony & microsoft to think dt dey cn pull dis garbage year after year on us and we all r gng to fall for it over and over

  2. Bryan Welch

    Microsoft just cant get stuff right. Most xbox games are on pc as well. Why not just get a pc. Does Microsoft really need more power to make great games like it used to.

  3. Nuclearcupcake 0902

    Instead of getting a Scorpio, get superior PC. You could look up a PC that does 4k for $500 – $600 dollars. More games and free online. Upon other advantages. If any of you want a better machine, and are tired of Microsoft and Sony's shit, get a PC.

  4. ferdinand gonzalez

    where are the games? that's the real question.

  5. Emmet Farrell

    It won't just have 4k graphics it will have 4k textures too

  6. Chad H

    Bet it cant wait to buy back 70$ games for 9.99$ to resell them for 69.99.

  7. Alex Tran

    Too bad it has no games

  8. Mr Meeseeks

    I would love to play the last of us on Scorpio

  9. Nelson Hall

    IMO, if you put all the pieces of this puzzle together, Microsoft, I think, is trying to cut out the concept of exclusives. I think the Scorpio is going to be a multi-platform system that we will be able to play all games on, PS4, PS2, 360, even PC games. Devs won't have to worry about specs or exclusive rights if there is a system/console/PC like device that can handle anything. Assuming they don't all get totally greedy and decide to stick to the old routine, it would be a long term win for everyone.

  10. hungryandrew

    No exclusives though. What, Halo 20, Gears of War 50?

  11. Al Ram

    game stop suck I'm never going to buy any thing from them it's because they rip-off there customers

  12. westyk52sparky

    Scorpio would only be good if it had the power it does and was aiming for 1080p.

  13. *Harambe*

    With the power it has, if Xbox lets us just run Windows 10 on the Scorpio, Microsoft will wipe the floor with Sony…

  14. Zaeranos

    I'm not saying your predictions are wrong, however looking at the 3DS and having the more powerful New 3DS I am not seeing that many developers bringing games exclusively to the New 3DS. And Nintendo does not have that rule. Even so, many games that should have been exclusive for New 3DS, because they run like crap on the 3DS, are still being sold on both systems.
    The question becomes do publishers want to cut their potential market. I am still seeing the PS4 slim outselling the PS4 Pro.

  15. Master BlkNinja


  16. Brad

    I bet money we won't c the "PS5" until at least 2020. Like u said, releasing it within the next year or two would just b ridiculous and probly suicidal business wise. That doesn't even give much time to tap the newest system really. However, I think $500 for the Scorpio is an extremely conservative estimate. I would b surprised if it comes out at that price. Not super surprised tho, Bc of the reasons u stated. To big of a price gap could mean death for the system. Especially considering what u stated about the gap between how many consoles have been sold so far. There's just NO reason for devs to take a huge risk with their money n order to optimize for the Scorpio. It's certainly gonna b interesting to c how this all plays out tho

  17. Michael Jacobs

    I don't even care about the Scorpio. Microsoft needs to show some games. I've been using my Xbox One for multiplats so that it doesn't collect dust. Microsoft has never been as good as Nintendo or Sony when it comes to exclusives but at least they used to have a few that justified my purchase of an Xbox. Alan Wake, Kameo, and Sunset Overdrive just to name a few. I'm talking more than just Halo, Gears, and Forza. Let at least The Coalition have some creative freedom and do something besides Gears of War 5 since GoW4 didn't even sell to the standard that franchise is used to.

    Here are some ideas for their E3 this year:
    – State of Decay 2 gameplay demo (Undead Labs, October 2017 release)
    – Crackdown 3 gameplay demo (Reagent Games, November 2017 release alongside Project Scorpio)
    – Forza Motorsport 7 reveal (Turn 10, November 2017 release alongside Protect Scorpio)
    – Sea of Thieves gameplay demo (Rare. January/February 2018 release)
    – Halo 6 CG teaser (343i. Q4 2018 release)
    – Rare's other two games both revealed. One of a Conker's Bad Fur Day remake similar to Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy (Q2/Q3 2018) and the other is a Jet Force Gemini reboot with gameplay in the vein of Uncharted or Tomb Raider (2019)
    – The Coalition is working on that new IP that they showed when they were still called Black Tusk Studios (2019)
    – Maybe a second- or third-party partnership. Something similar to Dead Rising 3/4 or Ryse:Son of Rome for the middle part of 2018.

  18. Cyberpunk Computing

    Assuming their using an APU, I don't know any APUs that currently handle 4K. Then again it depends on what game your trying to run.

  19. GreedySmash 64

    Who's GameStop again

  20. Richie M

    ps4 pro can do native 4k gameing,Skyrim/ Last of us/ and theres more,cant remember what.Point is it can do it and the checkerbord upscale is realy very good.Microsoft need a good price piont but most of all its own exclusive games.

  21. Brian Csobor

    Man I hope the scoprio doesn't phase out the base xbox one. I enjoy my xbox one, got it in Christmas of 2015 and I only have a 1080p TV so there's no reason for me to have a console that does 4K. Saying that, if they do phase out the xbox one, I'm not sure what to do since I've always liked the Xbox brand

  22. Jahbari Akua

    What game is this? It looks so weird, yet oddly amazing….

  23. Kris McClure

    I think Rich's '4k under 500' build is enough for me to think that Microsoft could actually pull off the actual 4k results around 500-ish.

  24. Kolby Brian2412

    Sounds like bullshit they don't take advantage at all on the PS4 or even pro more developers are actually taking advantage as you heard Phil Spencer the actual head of Xbox at 2016 E3 said that we will allow all the developers to have project Scorpio full access to take advantage of that power so I guess it's just your opinion but the PS4 pro was a flop literally even my friend that has a PS4 doesn't care the PS4 pro never did 4K natively maybe just 1440p at 58fps as I think you really think that people would want the PS4 pro that is way too loud when you can have the Xbox Scorpio be twice or three times as powerful but really quiet answer me that that actually runs 4K natively at 60fps no checker boarding

  25. Jσlα

    "Great games that are made for this"

    Only great game they had was scalebound and they cancelled that, all they got now is Assassin creed cartoon flag and Crackaddict 3

  26. Gamer A.

    not like you need an xbox anyways, they have no exclusives coming out, just get a ps4, and a switch

  27. Nightraver56Eu

    Haha , who cares about Xbox?? it's only used for Netflix these days! there aren't any good exclusives for it… 😊

  28. Skyler Coppetti

    The thumbnail made my day.

  29. phantomzxro1

    I don't think they will stick to the native 4k as in pure 4k. I feel it will be an upgraded checkerboarding as in the pro. The white sheet of Scorpio mentions checkerboarding. I also don't think it would be that much harder to port these games over to Scorpio as it just more power for devs to use. It most likely will be the same price as the PlayStation pro or at the very least 50 dollars more. It would be dead in the water if its 100 or more dollars more expense than the PS pro. It would be the same move as xbox one at launch.

  30. xKarma _

    The sad thing is that ps5 will probably be announced in 2018 and will already know what Scorpio had to offer by that time frame and Sony can simply upgrade… and Sony only life line is their gaming industry so you can expect them to double down on their next console.

  31. Claudius Boasman

    If 1080p games are 40-50gb in size. Will native 4k games be the same size or bigger??? If bigger, then by how much? This info needs to be clear for persons who have a sub par internet connection. And I realize the xbox one for some reason uses way more bandwidth than it predecessor the xbox 360 and even the ps4 to run overall which is really strange.

  32. Gray Ken

    Rich, do you drink? And if so, did you stop? Because this prediction makes perfect sense.

  33. John Smith

    Sure you can trust Games tops reviews. after all there as legit as IGNs lol.

  34. csward53

    Gamestop is excited because it is high margin and there customer base with buy it from them. That's all. Tony Bartello is talking out of his rear end.

  35. T B

    I will be buying my Scorpio from Amazon …..DO NOT SUPPORT THOSE FUCKING THIEVES

  36. Ant Mault

    Microsoft have a hibit of not being completely honest with there costumers you can bet if they do decide to show Scorpio at E3 or Gamescom they won't be completely honest they hid things about the xbox one on its reveal to man time they trip over there own lies

  37. VIC409

    you play the weirdest games rich

  38. highlyevolv3d

    I don't there are enough pros on the market now or even in 2 years for a developer like Bethesda to limit their game to that platform only. That would be a stupid decision financially. They would potentially be reducing the potential market for sales of their game by 50 million. And that's just for the PlayStation brand alone.

  39. MantaRayGun

    XBOX = FPS. PS4 = EVERYTHING ELSE & some FPS. XBOX is only as good as the interest in FPS. Personally, I hate FPS.

  40. KEN HALL

    My prediction for the Xbox Scorpio will be 499

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