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  1. Baines

    It seems the video failed to motivate Richard. He only gained weight.

  2. Bylga

    xD OMFG! xD Cupcake factory!

  3. Trump

    Is going to the gym your new sponsor Rich?

  4. Phamster92

    Hey Rich, have you ever tried Stronglifts 5×5?

  5. tmster370

    Which planet do you go to Rich? The one in Poughkeepsie or the one near daily planet and Arlington high school

  6. Logan Roxby

    drink crisco!? i cant even imagine

  7. Finestinc1

    That's good for you man

  8. GalvatronTypeR

    Rich, I respect you and your discipline but being overweight and healthy is mutually exclusive. Overweight people might be able to lift a lot or even do decent cardio but your internals and blood work might tell a different story.

    Carrying around you much weight due to excess muscle or fat (for most it's fat) is never good for you.

  9. Elvijs Krūmiņš

    I would suggest cutting back on the workouts (more like 3-4 times a week), and putting more focus on your macro-nutrient balance and intake.
    Then again, you must know your own body way better than anyone else would. So I just wish you good results and good health 😉 keep it up man.

  10. gordy mc

    well done rich.keep it healthy and you will be half the man you used to be.

  11. MintyFresh

    Rich, I will BUY you a fucking iPod to replace that shitty ass MP3 player you've got.

  12. Oppressed Flower

    proud of you, i bet your face will be sexy as fuck when those pounds shed off.
    digital hug

  13. Consolized

    That's not how it works.

  14. Zach Alan

    Kind of random…… but who cares really? I'm tired of hearing fanboys argue about gaming.

  15. TheMistyBlueLounge

    Careful not to over work yourself!  It can be nice to go to the gym every day of the week for a light workout, but you pull a muscle or something and you'll be laid up for a week or more recovering, so keep it light if you're going that frequently (If you're overweight you really only need to start light to shed the pounds anyway, a light workout is infinitely greater than none at all)!  For a snack food I strongly suggest Almonds,  either regular ones or dry roasted ones (they taste better imo),  as long as they don't have salt.  Almonds are high in fibre and protein and a source of iron.  They are also very high in calories and fat, but it's almost entirely unsaturated, healthy fats, and non-sugar calories.  Almonds, and many other nuts also have a natural hunger suppressant in them which can help fend off more unhealthy snack cravings.

  16. Teh Stranger?

    Are you at Crunch gym?

  17. ozzyalmighty

    Reminds me of me (: 

  18. WeekendMonsters

    No matter what they say, no matter long the road is you walk. I also lost a decent amount of weight by working out.  And i'm not SUPERfat  but man. I do respect those bigger people go for it!! Its not easy to work out when other are looking and laughing. So keep going Rich !! 😀 And to everybody else who's big and works out, i take off my hat for you people!! *Thumbs up!!*

  19. Forsaken Specter

    Nice man! It's all about the attitude! Keep it up!

  20. RubyStrings

    Keep it up dude! Love your stuff!

  21. Mike Hunt

    this is probably one of the few videos that gets me to comment to you, Rich, and i want to say i definitely agree with you that fat guys can still be fit, i wish you luck on your path to getting in shape and i hope you reach your goals
    but one piece of advice: 7 days is too much. your current routine of 4-5 days a week is fine and i would just find a good split of what workouts you need to do. 7 days is just an overkill and will bite you in the ass if you're not careful

  22. FranzelaGigel

    iu madarfacing bici ashol 🙂 p.s. I'm on drugs 

  23. SuperScootz94

    Damn, some people are Internet assholes lol. Keep going Rich! Good luck :3

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