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  1. Pablo Almeida

    Rich, your gay voice is more convincing than mine, and I'm gay. 😐

  2. Neville Robertson

    Was really a Trojan horse for the Microsoft store, but heavily praised and supported by its fans for putting TV focused first and gaming second with a weak 720p GPU.
    Forcing people to like the Kinect by packing it was always going to mean a weak GPU to cover the cost of it.

  3. Dj_Kirby

    I read applause in the title as applesauce.

  4. Michael C

    Lol that guy at the intro was the Cleveland mall guy.

  5. Ashy Husky

    That wasn't fake Applause that was me i was trying to kill a fly 😀

  6. chaosdream1

    not suprised, its the worst console ever created.

  7. Badguy804

    The start: I laughed my ass off when I saw the artical The end: the articals was meh really? -_-

  8. Kenneth Horrobin

    oh well it don't matter, xbox sucks anyways

  9. Killer Keemstar

    If Microsoft wanted the XBOX One to be a DVR, where is the CableCard slot and the connector that connects the DVR to Cable or Satellite.

  10. Manny Hernandez

    I feel like the only reason people hate Xbox is because they have series on there console and Sony and Microsoft are not competing they actually help each other with consoles and bugs.

  11. ColruytCola

    they also pretended peggle 2 was the second coming of jesus

  12. zxKAOS1

    I've seen this sort of thing when I got tricked into attending one of them Amway/Quixstar meetings….
    "do you want to work at a J-O-B for the rest of your life?"
    … 5 seconds of silence…
    From the way back… "No!"

    It really did sound sad, and blatantly obvious.

  13. Muncha

    You are the one with fake applause at the start :^)

  14. Corrupt Save

    So fucking sick of watching 30 second commercials for Southpaw but i like your stuff.

  15. Haze

    They weren't fake ths year..

  16. Zyad48

    I swear I thought he said "Rape, Comment, Favorite…" at the end XD

  17. JohnnyinCLE

    Holy shit!  I actually know "Mall Guy"!  This might be fucked up to say, but I have brunch with him every Sunday, before he hits up the malls all over Ohio!  Awesome dude.  He literally has zero fucks to give!

  18. The Unjust Gamer

    I do like your videos Rich don't get me wrong here, but having watched this I'm just about to click another to watch and on the "up next list" to my right, I can immediately see:

    . Microsoft blames gaming media for X1 consumer response.
    . Microsoft is blocking comments on Youtube.
    . Microsoft to consumers – no internet? Buy a 360.
    . X1 is a great value? LOL Right ……..
    . X1 games at e3 using Windows 7 PC's and Nvidea hardware?
    . Microsoft backwards compatibility is "really backwards".

    And yet in that same space on my screen I don't see one video slating the PS4? (although I'm sure you have a few knocking around).

    And you don't favour one over the other? Just calling it as I see it man lol.

  19. Aqmal GunawanVEVO

    You are very mean to console
    Please!! Forgive console

  20. Pacman80

    One time a Microsoft guy came to my school for some job thing and was talking about a tablet. Someone asked about Xbox 360 (this was before Xbox One) and he started saying how much better it was than PS3 and Wii. He then said "Nintendo and Sony suck! Ohhhhhh!" or something similar and started giving everyone high fives. I was in the complete back and didn't give him a high five and asked him "Where's Mario on Xbox?"…the teacher said I was rude and I got in trouble…

  21. deez nuts

    look at the coins in the corner its a pewdiepie bro fist
    ps,,,,,,, xbox SUCKS

  22. Malivamar

    I have a play station, it has netflix, amazon, and that kind stuff. But honestly, I dont really give a shit. If i buy a ps4 or an Xbox one it is to plays fucking games. Not to use amazon, or ebay, or what ever app i can use faster on a tv , a tablet, or a fucking pc. Thats why these are GAMING consoles. They are for GAMING not to watch tv or use apps that can probably work better in smartphone, tablet, or PC. Microsoft, please quit the bullshit, extra features on a console should be for gaming, and improve your gaming experience. And last thing, if you need fake applauses when showing your console to your own fanboys, meaby you should just trash it down, or remake it entirely because it means that is really bullshit

  23. Excuse Me?

    Omg microsft -_- this Is why I play PC

  24. Excuse Me?

    Omg microsoft -_- this is why I play PC

  25. Devin Small

    I hate the Xbox one and can't stand it

  26. Cool Pup Gaming

    1:50 pewdiepie is everywhere.

  27. Jacob Perez

    watches confrence:Oh yea im so excited to see him talk about the knew game releases…WHAT THE FUCK WHY WONT HE SHUT ABOUT TV I HAVE A FUCKING TV WHERE ARE THE GAME!?!…WOW NOW HES TALKING ABOUT HOW I CAN WATCH ALL MY FAVORITE SHOWS FUCK THAT…hears everyone clap *asks host about games *host:oh yea but did you know you can see all your favorite shows about games? me:yes of course where the games at host:um…. Fuck you secuirty this guys threating me

  28. cooldrewo

    only reason to get xbox= halo games

    xbox you fucked up hard
    first you talk about shit that has nothing to do with game and your talking about a GAMING CONSOLE
    then you create a fake audience
    you don fucked up son!  

  29. Dave_Da_Cool

    Ps crap is fucking gay,it's a tiny turd,I don't like tiny turds,I like big turds(not gay)ps crap is like the old telephone in the old days,you should be nice to xbox/Microsoft because the congratulated Sony with the release of ps crap,and I'm glad that man destroyed the ps crap out side of best buy

  30. FluentPC

    Microsoft Come on…


    Why do people care about the look of a console? when you play a game you are looking at your screen, not the console.

  32. FMGaming462

    It doesn't piss me off. It kinda reminds me of North Korea actually.

  33. NeonNerd115

    I liked the xbox360 but it crashed a lot but it was ok and they rushed it if you move the console to severely it make a ring scratch then off to Amazon for a new game but it was rushed

  34. bryce steven

    +xGoodOldSmurfehx Lol you had to disable comment, what a pussy!

  35. CC CC


  36. Jeevan Dhillon

    Your the only Xbox 360 hater I have always heard amazing things

  37. Media Geek 3

    I still don't have a next gen system and people who do are still bitching about having "no games" (aka no FPS or Elder Scrolls game). Meanwhile i'm enjoying all the downloadable titles, new exclusive titles and cheaper games on last gen. I feel special.

  38. Hipo tard


  39. SuperPiposaru

    That laugh in the beginning sounds so much like Ganon's laugh from Zelda 2's Game Over screen.

  40. Spartan 0136

    The only reason i would get an Xbox one is to play the next halo games.

  41. Renwoxing13 Hacked By Scarce

    I do't get it.. . . . .. why wouldn't mirosoft applaud their own product? It happes all the time, people have always been doing it!

  42. Bolt

    I see your playing Punchquest…

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