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Tide Pod Challenge: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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  1. SaiyaMan2011

    This is probably why the Europeans hates us. Stupid kids.

  2. some person

    These has been a recent comment storm talking about eating that crap

  3. PrinceBalor

    Anyone who is stupid enough to do this intentionally deserves to die, kids and toddlers not knowing any better I understand.

  4. AnimalStomper

    It's natural selection it needs to happen for the betterment of society.

  5. SnakeFace

    I can't wait to grow up, I don't want to live alongside stupid people.

  6. Adam Griffin

    I’m honestly waiting for the Russian Roulette challenge. You know it’s gonna happen eventually

  7. Alan A

    I stopped watching this when you said you’re 36?! I’ve got more than 5 years on you and you could be my fawk’n dad. GTFO 😂

  8. PikaLink91


  9. MaximumRD

    Sad and pathetic that it even needs to be said ! Ugh, the idiots are removing themselves from the gene pool, maybe we should just allow it.

  10. Jimmy Turner

    Don't tell them not to eat them. We have an over population problem

  11. Uchiha Madara

    Yet another reason more fuel for the Down with Net Neutrality crowd stupidity reigns supreme among cattle. Smarten up people 🙁

  12. breaking_karl

    This channel got big off the cucumber challenge.

  13. QuirkyAdventures

    I thought people joked about eating them and putting them on pizza ETC (because obviously it would cause serious harm) I can't believe so many people took it seriously

  14. WauzirexLP

    sometimes people act like stupid animals…

  15. Anetheon

    What's with the one sleeve up and one sleeve down look?

  16. The Vegan Bear

    In my days we just stole booze from our parents and smoked some weed down the park. Kids these day man are so fucking stupid.

  17. TakeoTheSavage

    i think some of them are stupid but it think most of them were just suicidal and finally found a fast way to kill themselves. since a tons of teens are suicidal

  18. Saydyrya90

    Darwin Sweets:Accelerating the natural selection…

  19. Donavyn Suffel


  20. batman69me

    Cause people are fucking stupid simple as that everything in today's world is fucking stupid

  21. George :]

    Don’t do this people 🙁

  22. ShinobuBlade

    next up on the list breath in Asbestos challenge

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