Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ Gaming Review | Which One’s Better for Heavy Games?

We put the Samsung Galaxy S9 with 4G RAM and the Galaxy S9+ with 6GB RAM to the test. We have taken some of the most intensive games today, and run them on the highest graphical settings while keeping the phones on their maximum resolution and in high performance mode. Is this the best you […]

Fortnite vs PUBG Mobile: Which One’s Better for Mobile Gaming?

Following Fortnite on iOS is PUBG Mobile to join other mobile battle royale shooters such as Netease’s Rules of Survival. With two of the premier console and PC battle royale games now on smaller screens, how do they stack up? We tell you. ➥ How to Download PUBG for Mobile: ➥ Fortnite Invite Codes: […]

Lenovo S5, Vivo X21 Launched, What the OnePlus 6 May Look Like, and More (Mar 20, 2018)

In Today’s 360 Daily – → Lenovo S5 Launched – → Itel S42, A44 Launched in India – → Nokia Phone Reportedly Explodes, Killing Teenage User – → Vivo V9 Listed, Vivo X21 Launched – → This Is What the OnePlus 6 May Look Like – – For the latest […]

HTC Vive Trackers get a 2018 update, now on sale

HTC surprised us yesterday with their announcement of the HTC Vive Pro. Now they’ve quietly dropped another surprise product into their store: updated Vive Trackers.  HTC team member Shen Ye confirmed on Twitter that his company had, without an announcement, updated their store page to sell the 2018 model of the Vive Tracker. The 2017 […]

Press and Hold for 60 Seconds, and See What Happens to Your Body

Massaging the right points on your body can significantly reduce aches and pains as well as improve overall well-being. We’ve collected a few well-known pressure points that you can make use of in everyday situations. These 14 pressure points will help you to get rid of annoying aches. The Three Miles Point The Third Eye Point The Pericardium Point The […]

How Space Kills People With Zero Gravity

Find out what it feels like to work in zero gravity. You will be shocked to see how extremely harmful being in space is for the human body. Even after the astronauts returned to Earth, it took their immune systems a pretty long time to get back to normal function. Astronauts complain that their skin […]