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Ausführlicher Test des Asus Fonepad von Kauflink bei facebook:

Google Pixel XL vs. iPhone 7 Plus vs. Galaxy S7 video stabilization

A comparison of the video stability of footage taken with the Pixel XL, 7 Plus and Galaxy S7 under the same conditions. Google’s new Pixel is an attempt by the Android maker to showcase the very best of Google, and that includes its imaging chops. Both on the hardware and software side, the Pixel has […]

HQ Trivia had a weird night

HQ Trivia was removed from the App Store following a controversial ending to a $25K game on Sunday night, according to Business Insider. HQ has introduced a new high-stakes version of the game where one winner takes home a larger prize. However, on Sunday night, no one won the $25K. The company posted on its […]

Google alums launch Maslo, a digital companion to mediate technology’s uncanny valley

Earlier this month, two former Google staffers quietly launched a new app that’s designed to help users overcome technology’s uncanny valley and develop a more healthy relationship with the ubiquitous electronic assistant that “lives” in our pockets. Called Maslo, the new app (and the company behind it), in the words of its founders, to develop […]

Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X: The Winner is Revealed!

In this video, we will do a full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S9+ vs iPhone X and decide which one is the winner. Let’s dive in. Also, let me know if you think the Galaxy S9 Plus or the iPhone X is better in the comments section below. 😄 Click here now to subscribe […]

How to Side-Load Apps Like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix on Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4

The Xiaomi Mi TV 4 runs on a custom Patchwall UI on top of Android and doesn’t use any of the services offered by Google. There’s no Play Store and you’ll have to make do with the apps and services that come pre-loaded on the smart TV. But as this is Android, you can always […]