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  1. donkeykongjr

    What game are you playing as it looks like my type of game

  2. Stephen Wall

    What if I made a very cheap toy gun that costs less than Ben and Jerry ice cream in Colifornia and traded it in? Its called a steal!

  3. Chall 64

    Well, if you have a game that you don't care about, then it's not so bad a deal.

  4. MrYayayify

    Video games do not cause fucking violence, no game ever does it at all.

  5. The SasGaming

    call of duty players might now shooting pplmon the street.but they making cod zombies movies

  6. abd alrahman alshraky

    people that say gta games makes you violent DIDN`T SEE THE FUCKING INTRO IN EVERY GTA GAME

  7. Limebattery

    Sarcasm intensifies

    Criminals breath air!

  8. coreshot gaming/vlogs

    I'd get rid of all my really old games
    (and killzone shadow faall that was crap)!!!

  9. Doge

    These "games" do cause violence and killing! You dumb idiot! People liking to kill are trying to defend in the dumbest ways. Video games are violent, cause violence, and are worth a sheet of paper

  10. cleonumber1

    It is like the UK. a few cyclists are idiots and don't care about those around them, blame all cyclists and force them to pay insurance. Blame all unemployed people on benefits because a small number play the system.
    I am just waiting for them to ban trucks because of all the terrorists hijacking them to murder people.

  11. Anson D. Grimes

    Politicians don't give a flying fuck about anybody except who's lining their pickets, and no surprise 99.99999999999999% is from lobbyists.

  12. Comical Randomness

    Link to thumbnail picture plz?

  13. Random Toaster

    I think people forget the reason violent crimes are committed is because we are a violent species, before video games it was comic books that used to get this shit.

  14. Ciphon - Gaming and Music

    Lmao his name is Dick Masucci

  15. Crazy Gravy

    what game is this it looks fun

  16. jake thomp

    what game are you playing

  17. Seven-Six Two

    The Government and Old people gives us gamers a bad reputation

  18. GoblinLion02

    I'm 14 and i wouldn't turn in all of my toy guns and video games for some ice Cream. Even if it were 100 boxes of Ben & Jerry's. I play GTA 5, yet i hate criminals soooo much. I kill dogs in video games like COD, yet i loooove dogs. The only kind of anger and violence i have gotten, is by rage quits(the army of darkness Trophy on BF3 was a real pain in the @$$), which is completely normal among gamers. Explain all that to me, angry gaming-hating politicians.

  19. SH4DY

    As much as I like Ben and jerry's ice cream THAT IS A FUCKING RIPOFF

  20. The Anonymous Sir Backspace

    Oh man, ilk give away my 60$ game (140 my currency, you can buy a decent tablet with 3G for this) to get some cheap 4$ icecream! Man, what a deal!

    This is why only 2 people in my entire family live in the USA (Out of the 50 or so live relatives.).

  21. R&N RailProductions

    But yet more and more dumbass idiots on Fox News and CNN are gonna be saying that "Violent video games make children future terrorists and killers" why are people so dumb these days.

  22. Alfonso

    I totally agree about this, but guys, we should be careful about the word "proves". Science only "proves" things until new information appear, nothing is written on stone. Science is always looking for mistakes, new data or exceptions. Nowadays a lot of people think that, if an study say something, that is absolutely true and that is not the way science works.

    That said, for now, I agree with this study. In fact, psychologies know this since 15-20 years ago. I say "know" when I mean that "they think that they know".

  23. Comrade Doge Jackt

    Video Game Traded Into Ice Cream, Ice Cream Is Food, You Eat It, Its Gone But Video Games Is Forever, And Plus, They Should Have Given People A GALON OF ICE CREAM Not Just Fucking Cup Of Ice Cream, A VIDEO GAME IS LIKE WORTH 100 BUCKS, An Ice Cream Is Just Like, A FEW BUCKS So The Ones That Had Already Handed They're Violent Videogames, They Deserve A ICE CREAMS FOR LIFE.

  24. Dim Simo

    where in the world is ruckers university (just curious)

  25. The Anonymous Sir Backspace

    If I become a sensible president that believes in facts I can save the world and ban fox news !!

  26. William Broo

    You should see the swedish politicians…. almost every politician suck dick….

  27. Fireshot88 99

    Still how can you say no to ice cream

  28. Vlad Novetschi


  29. Nameless Player

    Call of Juarez: Gunslinger FTW!!

  30. Bacon Dwarf

    That better be some kick ass ice cream

  31. n00b3ater

    RTU, RTU, RTU……… The real problem is oxygen. It is proven that 100% of criminals breath oxygen.

  32. urlordjames

    wow… shocking, not LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Colin12475

    I'll kill anybody who says playing my computer games make me violent.

  34. aShotOfDaniels

    It's almost like people blow steam off playing these games instead of going outside and nutting Aunt Bessie. Who'd of fuckin' thought.

  35. Kai the Fat Braixen Maid

    Quoting "Google" from the "If Google was a guy" series, in regards to anyone trying to prove that video games cause violence…
    "Just because I HAVE IT, DOESN'T MEAN IT'S TRUE!!!"

  36. Subhuman Central


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