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Learn how to make awesome DIY soap, soap jelly or glowing-in-the-dark soap.

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  1. C O G - LL

    Like si hablas español
    Like sim falas porugûes

  2. minegamin Sergiu

    9:25 so the rose is for eating or its soap ?

  3. Rainbow Poop

    New title old video

  4. Courtney's Cam

    If you are reading this than you need to know that you are amazing and you are beautiful/handsome! Please go Subscribe to me. If you try amazing things you will achive amazing things.

  5. samia 66

    ألي عربي لايكك 😂💘💘💘💘.

  6. Loraine Boso

    SOS asso xoxo kylie jeuner

  7. Loraine Boso

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  8. Loraine Boso

    Hi do te y y ou tant thak you so mat

  9. Eva Xx

    do not the hack with the soap and eyebrow, your eyebrow breaks……

  10. Diego Mendoza

    Es de inglés hello

  11. liz evers

    I once used soap to get blackheads off my nose…….it still felt the same

  12. Angel69

    Can you do sone Mother's Day hacks. I need inspiration. I like the soap idea but I don't have access to a lot of those items

  13. Tahlia Herron

    When you get out of the shower your hair is wet. If you watch the mirror De-fogging when the girl gets out of the shower her hair is completely dry

  14. Jessica’s Vlog channel

    I tested some of these and the worked bloody amazing 🤗

  15. Lizzie Dizzie

    who else just watched the video but never tried any of the hacks? I know I didn't.

  16. Midnight Walker

    I have to do these immediately!
    Edit: actually in the morning cause it's 10:15 :/

  17. Valentina Arenas

    Lo deberían hacer en español

  18. genesis suazo

    question where do u found the soup base

  19. iiiSummerSparkles iii

    OMG they did it!!

    They finally made a new video where they don’t repeat old videos

  20. Cami LizJau

    Primer comentario!

  21. brangelo spanks

    why is everything a hack? rarely used word until a couple years ago, now it's way overused

  22. retrobebop61

    Same content….bleh

  23. hala majid

    5 minute craft that's annoying y u r making the same video

  24. Sin-cere python

    What kind of oil you don't have??By the way the video is pretty cool…

  25. Teresa Jimenez

    Most of them look like candy 😍😍😍

  26. Milaa

    1:17 This is so satisfying 😍😍😍

  27. Wassilouche 19



    All of 5 minute crafts are brilliant ideas, and you want to remember them all, but how (they are tons of!)….

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