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Totally clever life hacks for embarrassing moments that will help you stay cool in any situation!

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  1. Yoko Maltase

    3:32 that potato had an idea! #poland

  2. Life Teaches me Everything

    😱😱😱Just decide if you want to click the link or not! Because after seeing this video your life will change for ever:

  3. Nevaeh Lyttle

    These are not all really that embarrassing…

  4. Lianna Kuzmych

    you and blossom should seriously chill out. i watch all your videos, and i love them, but they're always the same thing. Why?

  5. Chloe Clare

    The making of this video must've been awkward XD

  6. عاشقة عمار الكناني

    الي عراقي يحط لايك

  7. MrYao Vash

    Why am I watching this, while I'm not a woman.! 😜

  8. ainally lavinia

    Eu. Sou. Ainally. Do. Brasil. Amei. O. Video

  9. Giuseppe Risoli


  10. Anissa Lingley

    I lost it when they zoomed in on the period stain on the bed 😂😂😂 if you want to make me laugh, zoom in on something ×)

  11. Emma Nuñez

    the cat looks like mine


    You guys have the greatest ideas

  13. sheila mahomed


  14. nabiha3000

    I hate five minute craft it’s sucks you are weirdows

  15. ни хочу не буду

    Котэйка класс))) и всё остальное тоже.

  16. arda kasapoğlu

    Why do you always show the same videos

  17. Zoey

    whats the song at 8:02 ?

  18. Corgi Luver

    Don't try the rubber band one on glasses if you have long hair it will pull it out trust me!

  19. Nosa Noor

    Wow Nace Love😍😍😍

  20. Lars Varjøtie

    I did'nt knew that the soap #trick REALLY works.

  21. zara Asiya

    That 13th one side rong because blossom is coping 👎👎👎👊👊👊

  22. zara Asiya

    What happens if you sit down 😹😹😹😹

  23. Giselda Dervishi

    Pleaz look et my video


    genius but also some of it was gross like the blood(period)

  25. Schleich Spirit TV

    Wait is Blossom copying 5-minute crafts or is 5-minute crafts copying Blossom?

    ~the mystery is unknown~

  26. so sueann 76

    nice tumbnail ^ ^

  27. barcomaniaczek 1234

    O widzę że dzisiaj rozbrój

  28. Maha Salah

    روعة اوووووووووووووووووووووووووووئ

  29. Ruxi Ana


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