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The most well-known first aid recommendations may lead to grave consequences. We collected the most common survival myths that could kill you and survival hacks that actually works.

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  1. michel gauder

    your noice cuts out on 0:38

  2. michel gauder

    on 0.38 did your noice cut out


    i like you have showd the video to us


    0:36 F I N E P E A C E O F E D I T I N G

  5. Oty Gonzales

    hey this is all fake but the one is not fake is who ever feats and you spill Water is real

  6. HoneyBearRoverTTR2111

    Some of these false care methods I have never heard of.

  7. Angela Crucitti

    My sister put her hand under cold water when she had a burn and that was not good she

  8. Lily Murray

    My bro had to glue his head when he split it open

  9. Zahi Brown

    I have try the glue technic and it was very effective. No scar , which is ridiculous considering that I have keloid condition 🖒

  10. basema omar

    thanks for it again

  11. i'm Flousypancakeyo

    The thumbnail will just make your glue red and your blood will be unhealthy

  12. george l

    toothpaste on burns i say

  13. Gaming fun With emma

    I would cry if I get hurt

  14. Zuqi Qhaizuran

    Are they sooooo sure about these? Does it really hurt? Or not? Please answer me somebody! I will come back next time….

  15. Nigar Nihal

    What applying glue on cuts ?

  16. Claudia Snowwood

    Excuse me vinegar and alcohol do stop fevers and are safe so some of these horrible. Also putting alcohol is fine when there is a KNIFE in your leg but you cant put alcohol or vinegar on your forehead???? LIKE WHAT THE HECK IS THIS TRICKERY???

  17. Johnny Gentry

    Remember kids, use SKIN glue, not elmer glue!

  18. Ruben Delvalle

    0:38 why did he stop talking?

  19. Jim Man

    super glue will work too. i have used cobwebs to stop bleeding before and it really works.

  20. TiasTheGamer

    They only use obvious facts or fake facts. Never actually useful

  21. shadow 2

    Thers no sens u sed to don't put glue on wounds!

  22. shadow 2

    3. But you sed to do not put alkhol on wounds!!

  23. Just playin some gamezs ya

    12 life hacks to help you SURVIVE.But most of these you need a friend to help

  24. Crygg Oliver

    can you one on epilepsy

  25. Ryan Basketball and Other Stuff

    Why the fudge would someone put freaking glue on a cut instead of a bandade

  26. Darcy Olson

    I already knew that you can't touch a unconscious person

  27. ratatooie

    Ho come most of the comments here are about glue? Nothing else to say about this video? Jesus r00d

  28. Yuno Gasai

    This thumnail is Very wrong
    If you get stiches from doctor is acualy better then glue
    Glue is a Toxic material what Will get into your blood And make you sick

  29. Natasa Damiloy

    The east like if you understand

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