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How to spend money wisely during shopping? How to spend less money on food? Here are 10 secrets shop owners and manufacturers never wanted you to know!

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    Ha that's funny cuz the moment I saw the thumbnail, I showed my mum cuz she always picks the foods behind the food outside on the shelves. And it's becuz people already touched those certain products, lol

  2. Julian Campbell

    Bright side you guys should put time stamps instead of ppl double tapping till u see the next thing

  3. DragonBoyyz JustÆpicDragon

    Just reply "I subbed" and I sub back!!
    Every time you reply to me just remove my name pls so I know on what your talking about

  4. Shannon Wilkinson

    2 is not always right cuz some food stockers are lazy and just push the old ones to the back. They don't take the time to rearrange the products.
    I worked as a stalker and my boss said just put them in front I didn't listen I took time and rearranged the products on each aile.


    The thumbnail

    I do the VEERY DEEP ONE

    Even i got longer frozen icecream

  6. JSM Is Best

    Bills nowadays are getting higher and higher and people are getting lesser money because of population

  7. Tylar

    I dont look at prices until moneys running low lol maybe thats the problem

  8. Lilly The killer!!

    I spent 300$ on food

    I got 139 items it was worth it

  9. Neelam Vatsyayan

    Weight, Price of the product and expiry date must be written in bold letters, loud & clear on packeges. Literally this is a gimmic of companies; we always struggle to find 👆above informations. It is all time consuming especially when we go to by many things together at super markets; finally we just fill up our cart blindly on the basis of marketing stunts. And that what they want .

  10. Prince Jimin

    The thumbnail is what my mom does XD Now I get somewhat why she always, ALWAYS gets the bags from behind the front ones. I thought they were the same thing.

  11. K Ben

    1:45 Fresh produce and meat are the most expensive part of shopping whereas ice cream, confectionery, frozen stuff, biscuits, cakes, chips etc are cheap and always in catalogue specials. So that argument is totally false.

  12. Randy Ly

    2:19 if you don't know that woman that's Emma Stone

  13. JustJulyo

    Life hack:
    Eat less breath more

  14. Harry Ding

    I'm i dumb or…

    The sunflower oil bottle is made out of plastic?

  15. Estela S

    Why are there not much comments? I can scroll too the bottom one

  16. Unearthly Cat

    I just dont get it why are you suggest number 2, if everyone always looking for the 'freshest' product then what happen with products that just a few weeks backward? they'll always push aside and end up in the garbage which is not good for environment etc. in fact the non freshest product still had the same quality and nutrition with the freshest one

  17. Ryan Taylor

    Who impresses people with their sausage? 😹🤔

  18. Mickie M

    10. Shopping for products in the wrong order.
    9. Not knowing the prices of products you buy regularly.
    8. Not planning ahead.
    7. Not paying attention to the weight of the product.
    6. Ignoring the store's brand.
    5. Not trying new products.
    4. Not keeping an eye on discounts.
    3. Avoiding inexpensive products.
    2. Choosing items that are nearest to the front edge of the shelf.
    1. Falling prey to marketing ploys.

    You're welcome.😉

  19. Luna Guyt

    I knew the one from the thumbnail! Thanks school 😂😑

  20. Mehul Puri

    Cause you or cause us lol

  21. abigail sullivan

    legend frequent me familiar kind environment myth power anymore.

  22. hotu

    So you save on food (required to live) to overspend on clothes (you don't need to live), good advice.

  23. Kuri M

    at 2:35 – 30% out of 130% would not give the same original price.. For example: if a product was $1.00 if you add 30%, you would get $1.30 But then 30% of that would be 0.39 which would give you $0.91 so it would be only a 0.09 savings XD worst sale ever.

  24. Curt Christensen

    the clickbait is a lie. Stockers do NOT take the time to hide fresh stuff behind not fresh

  25. Rock Star Nikki

    I buy everything cause I'm not poor and can afford any product

  26. Sai Haraesh Kallakuru

    Always I see bright side video looking at the video thumb nail and I never get to see that thing on the video ever

  27. bubble charms

    Can u make one for clothes too?

  28. HeyItsLucy

    I know aLOT of these

  29. Cheryl Harless

    Since you use Sugar as an example… All sugar is not necessarily equal. Some is beet sugar and some is cane sugar. Beet sugar is often grown in less than desirable locations where they are subject to toxic elements. On the other hand, Cane sugar (grown in HI) is non-gmo and has much stricter regulations keeping it safe.

    While I am all for non-GMO products or products grown without pesticides I have to laugh at "Gluten Free" packaging on items that naturally do not have gluten (such as rice). It pays to be informed and savvy!

  30. Crimson Shadow

    number 10…just…really? do people actually have problems with buying things they don't initially go to get?!

  31. Brayden Duinink

    because it saves money and food idiots, we waste enough to not face the oldest food first

  32. LemonLol2

    If this gets 250 likes I will tell everyone the most hilarius joke!

  33. Perfect Chaos

    So many friends clips

  34. 2Chooks - Lj Emerson

    I already knew, and do, this stuff!

  35. Mark Comia

    Tip to not spend money


  36. Deez 2112

    Im ten, why am I watching this?

  37. Austin Bergman

    #2 : true,however you still have plenty of time to eat that food up front. This tip just makes mooooooore food go bad. Also the fact some expiration dates (not all like milk and eggs, etc compared to saltine crackers and water) are designed for you to go buy unnecessary items.

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