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How to drive a car like a pro? You probably feel like you could learn some more driving hacks to become a better driver and make driving an even better experience. Take a look at ten awesome driving tips we have put together to make your driving safer!

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    Hey guys! Are you an experienced driver of a beginner? Do you enjoy driving?

  2. Simon Jokes

    I've last to the 7th 'technique' and i can't watch it even sec longer.


    Heel and toe is a technique to do the rev matching

  4. Heather Dunham

    Surely if you break with your left foot without depressing the clutch you would just stall in the middle of the road?

  5. Syko Ferret

    This is almost completely and utterly BAD ADVICE in this one. As a professional driver, and racer of over 20 years, I would NEVER recommend a person drive with both feet! (Though I do this myself, racers do it for responsiveness, but scientific data shows the average person will confuse which foot is which.) 4:09 This advice only applies to you if you're in an RWD vehicle. You can't generalize drivetrain techniques that are unique to the type (RWD, FWD, AWD, and even engine configuration will change how the car throws around its weight). Take my professional advice; and DO NOT put your life or others' at risk by taking the advice presented in this video as true, especially if you're driving on public roads; if you are at the track, some of these techniques may help your lap time, but most of the advice here is an outright LIE. In fact, simply disregard this video and its contents. The harmful and dangerous information often presented in these videos has inspired me to create a channel to teach people PROPER SAFE DRIVING TECHNIQUES. Racing belongs at the track, not on the road.

  6. Sizzlin

    Man you know nothing about cars

  7. Balraj Heer

    #11 start your car for a better expiriance…

  8. TheReaperOfGaming

    I was 8 when I first drove ^_^

  9. Virlyn Wynn

    even though im ten yrs old my dad let me drive alot so this is very useful

  10. Spectus ฺ

    Just watch Fast and Furious.

  11. xxCMP05x x

    Here is one, turn off your assists it’s much more fun.

  12. Music loving metal head

    Scan scan scan your mirrors.

  13. Myke Russell

    Drive the same speed as other cars? So when k. The highway with a Prius I have to go 20mph in an 85?

  14. Lone Wolf

    I am beginner and i felt like this vidoes is worst teaching ever.i wont take any lesson

  15. neha vicky

    very useful video il whooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  16. mspider12

    How about using the parking brake for parallel parking? What about staring a manual on a hill with all 3 pedals or use of hand brake?

  17. The Lazy Eyebrow Reviewer

    Hey guys! I'm [insert age here] and I learned [insert skill here]!

    Praise me!

  18. The Lazy Eyebrow Reviewer

    Do NOT use the handbrake to steer. You want to go have fun on some abandoned road or empty lot? Sure, go nuts.

    You want to use it to 'save speed around corners'? Clearly you have absolutely no idea how a car works, let alone physics

  19. håvard furst

    what kind of bullshiet was this

  20. Jafran P Francis

    The steering position shown is not good .It should be always on top…

  21. filipe junio

    Brake whit left foot omg big bug do you realize race cars have well gears dont need to use te foot to stop the car very bad ideia and bad tip dont doi it plz

  22. Andrei Player

    is it ok if i own a tesla that runs with pro long gears?

  23. Mete TURHAN

    Don't do this if you aren't Takumi

  24. Anthonee A

    Pfft… don’t gas it in the rain or snow? Well how are you ever going to learn to drift.

  25. Mr.Upshift

    Which idiot uses the handbrake on a racetrack? (If it is a drifter or a rally driver it's another story)

  26. trialboj

    OMG such an amateur video compared to how many subscribers they have.

  27. Daniel Taylor #534

    im 11 and I can drive better than my 18 yr old brother manly beacause I drive a race car

  28. Cookie Hazey

    Braking with the left foot could be dangerous because your left foot is usually used for the clutch so the strength off oushing the pedal ist really hard and when you want to brake you youll make a quick stop

    Soryy for bad language im german

  29. SunIRIise

    No thank you. I want to go back to my family every night.

  30. Andrew Parker

    1. I do not understand heel-toe downshift.. why would you ever need to use the gas and brake at the same time??
    2. You cannot eliminate blind spots completely (believe me I've tried!)
    3. You shouldn't need to brake with your left foot if you're alert and paying attention to the road ahead of you… (as this video clearly states look out ahead in the distance as well as closer surroundings..

  31. Rangos garage


  32. veljko miladinovic

    #3 help me a lot.thanks bro

  33. Mszakacs 11

    For me the hardest was to go under 50 kmh

  34. Atul Oza

    3:08 what happened to that bike rider?

  35. Shini Insanity

    =3= I turn my side mirrors down + a little bit towards the car when parking.. makes it a lot easier to park perfectly straight and not to hit any cars or whatsoever <3

  36. High Jerry

    "Being an experienced driver is first of all about driving safely"
    I dare you say that again!

  37. Hyper Z92

    Well, if you put a woman on the wheel, THAT is NOT safe.

  38. Konstantin Ryazanskiy

    лол хуета американская. ржал

  39. Draco Jensei

    Use Both Gas And Brake At The Sametime

  40. Babik YT

    Please title music background

  41. Jimi Kivilompolo

    0:09 first time i drive a car i was 11 years old 😀

  42. Maxime Ly

    You mean takumi's Dorifto mode?

  43. Benz

    0:11 nope i was 18 😂😔

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